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“Do you want me to repeat that? All I hear in the back is ‘FUUUUUCCCCKKKKINNNNNGGG'” February 12, 2009

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At least that’s what I wish I’d thought to say. Just finished a round of phone calls following up on an event (full disclosure: this is the second round of calls in two days). Someone else picks up the phone, takes a message, and as he repeats my name (and as I am starting my phone number) I just hear, “Fucking Alexis! Fucking Alexis.” in the background.

Yes, sir, I can hear you. And although I would never do this, in a moment of blinded rage (after the “did that just happen?” subsided), I wanted to Tweet this guy’s name and number, request that my followers call him, and tell him Alexis sent them.

Serious class, people.


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