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Facebook – come ON February 16, 2009

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I’m pissed about Facebook’s new terms of service. They’ve decided that they can use whatever I post, however they wish, without asking or paying me anything. 


So, they think that one of my pictures would work swell in a new advertisement? They can just lift it and go. I could end up in a Valtrex commercial, for all I know. 


Well, maybe not, but you get my point. 


I guess that, beside the obvious, I’m just irritated because I’ve overlooked FB’s past shadiness because I enjoy the platform, and I think it’s a great medium for sharing pictures, communicating with friends, etc. I detested MySpace, and FB was a great alternative to that cesspool. 


But this? Come ON, Facebook! I’m a pretty hardcore fan, and if this continues, I’m thinking about pulling my account. I don’t want to, but the new TOS don’t give me much of a choice (personally). 


(not mine)


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