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Binge drinking is no longer impressive February 18, 2009

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… it’s kind of sad. 

This weekend, an unattached friend of mine proceeded to go on a 3.5-day bender with one of his old fraternity brothers, who he sees quite often. 

Whatever, I say. Rough week + single on V-Day (and we all know how much I care about that) … sure, why not. 

But then, he keeps going on about how there were four empty fifths (a fifth is just about equal to a regular bottle of booze, for those not hip to the slang) on the counter when all was said and done. He even TOOK PHOTOS and sent them to me. Just some empty bottles. To show me how much he and his friend drank.

I humored him at first (well, not really, I didn’t say anything), but then I took him to task. Was I supposed to be impressed by this? Did he expect me to say, “oh wow, you’re a crazy cool dude!” I hope not, because my severely restrained response was, “I can’t believe you actually took a picture of that. Dude. Those were the kind of pictures we took in college.” Read: That’s kind of pathetic that you took a picture of this simply to brag about how much you were able to drink. 

He initially said that his friend was a fraternity brother, and I definitely shut that down with “but you aren’t in college. You are in your mid-twenties.” Seriously, drinking on weekends with friends is fun, but the days when bragging about how it was cool are OVER (and none too soon, I always hated those people). Honestly, it’s kind of pathetic. 

He took the point, and the conversation went semi-awkwardly into another direction. 

Was I too harsh? I guess it’s just (yet another) pet peeve of mine.


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  1. I’m into pet peeves and pet hates too – big time! If you’re interested, you might check out my cartoon blog at http://www.cartoonsbysheila.wordpress.com
    Cheers, Sheila

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