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THIS is why I enjoy Fark.com February 24, 2009

Filed under: other,social media — lexd @ 8:03 pm

The bf still doesn’t understand why I love Fark.com, and I’ve been reading it for almost two years now. See the following example … someone posted a story about newspaper forums being a bastion of stupidity, and so these farkers drafted out the typical forum thread:

(abusive comment)

(incoherent insult)

New poster feels need to revise comment from previous poster FTFY

(Subversive redaction)

(ad hominem attack)

(strawman argument)

(strawman arguement’s spelling error pointed out)

(someone else points out that strawman’s spelling argument turns out to have been correct)

(drunken rambling)

(troll attempt by one of the usual suspects)

(troll gets ranked – usually 1/10-4/10 range)

(racist remark)

(off-topic rant)

(snarky, above-it-all comment)

(bikini photo)

(feigned indifference and claim of the way hotter chicks I’ve scored)

(godwin attempt)

(irrelevant invocation of obscure religious reference)

(Somebody takes troll’s comments seriously and launches a three paragraph argument and five links to back his points up)

(Statement comparing poster’s current situation to situation referenced in article; quantification of poster’s enjoyment of other posts)

(furry insult)

(full wall-of-text of song lyrics from the 1980’s that are vaguely related to the original topic)

(someone biatches about how they’re witty headlines never get greenlit)

(I mean, ‘their’)

(plea for everyone to stop hurling insults and just get along)

(making fun of last poster for being gay)

(graph of Pirates vs. Temperature and / or percentage of graph that looks like ‘Pac-Man’)

(Simpsons or Futurama reference)

(someone mistakenly clicks a gorgor link)

(Big Lebowski reference that makes the poster feel superior)

(Picture depicting the failure of earlier commenter)

(Painfully obvious reference someone claims “obscure?”)

(thread dies due to possibility of boobies in a newly posted article)


I think it’s hilarious, but I also spend a lot of time on forums and the such. LOVE IT.


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