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My First ComiCon … MegaCon 2009 March 1, 2009

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This week, I majorly indulged my closet inner mega-nerd and did something I’ve been wanting to do since my sophomore year of high school … 

I went to a comic convention. 

I’d seen photos of all the other ones across the country … all the cosplay … trinkets … shows … sessions … competitions … and when my coworker asked me earlier this week if I was going (because my inner nerd has been coming out at work for the last few months), I was determined to go. There would be no excuse not to. I was so determined to go, in fact, that I was going to go alone (to a comicon … alone, just think about that). 

I ended up going with my coworker’s husband and a couple of his friends, and had an amazing morning. We got there pretty much right when it opened, and as I saw costumed people heading into the Orange County Convention Center, I got SO excited. 

Also, through some preliminary discussion (feeling each other out, what we were all interested in, etc) I found out two of the guys loved the Dark Tower series by Stephen King (one of my favorite series EVER), and another was a Final Fantasy fan (not only was he a fan, but he agreed that FFIII/VI is the best in the entire series. We were friends)

We arrived and got lost in a sea of unicorns, ninjas doing actual ninja moves (backflips off of a wall! nuts), Star Wars characters, Watchmen characters, a bunch of people from Naruto, and a whole host of other costumes (singing pocky sticks?!). 

I was glad we got there early — it was seriously full by the time we left. It was amazing, though … walking around the booths and talking to the guys I was with, I was more at ease and relaxed than I’ve been in a long time. It was a great feeling to just nerd out without worrying about anyone judging me. The bf still makes fun of me sometimes, and HE doesn’t even know the extent of it. 

See if you can follow this one: my coworker’s husband’s big b in his fraternity is a graphic artist for LucasArts (previously was with Marvel, DC and others, he has an amazing track record!), so we got to see his art and talk to him for a little while. Then we split up, pursued our own separate ways for 30 minutes, and were pretty much burned out (and it was getting SO PACKED, the “nerd stench” was unreal).

I came away from the convention with a Chilly Willy t-shirt, two Dark Tower graphic novels (I’m kicking myself for not just buying the collection for $10), and an odd feeling of being seriously okay with my nerdiness. It was an AMAZING time — I’ve never been in that sort of atmosphere before — and I can’t WAIT for the next one.

Thanks again to Mark, Adam and Ben for taking me in and showing me a great time!


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