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Final Fantasy tangent March 11, 2009

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Serious nerd alert. I’m about to go off on an RPG tangent … Final Fantasy-style.

The first RPG I ever played was FFII (or IV, in Japan). I actually rented it from Hollywood video, played it non-stop for three days, and then had to return it. Anyone who has ever really gotten into a game, only to have to return it in a few days feels my pain … that shit is hard. 

Because I was only 9, the next time I went to Hollywood Video, I couldn’t remember if I’d played Final Fantasy II or III (aka VI). I picked III. I was pissed at first, but I started playing the best game of all time, and I quickly forgot about FFII. I beat the shit out of FFIII. It was addicting. Crack in a cartridge, I tell you. 

As soon as I had the discretionary funding available, I bought both II and III (that was a pretty penny back then … even today I think it’s expensive). I’ve replayed III NUMEROUS times (I had it on emulator, for when I was apart from the SNES) over the past 15 years. And by numerous I mean at least 10 times, getting all the characters and everything. What is the ending of the game without Terra and Locke? 

It seems that I’ve digressed, but I am actually making a point. I loved FFII, but after discovering FFIII, it was kind of shoved under the rug. Since I first played it, I’ve beat it all the way through twice and overall, had kind of an “eh” toward the game in general.

That is, until I started playing the revamped version for the Nintendo DS.

The developers took what really hooked me about the game back in the day, and made it even more addictive: The story, music and characters. Although my beloved awkward translations are gone, I think they’ve gone through and written the story (and the conversations) so they ring true to what they meant in the original (Japanese) version, not a literal (read: awkward) translation. Although I was unsure of the battle screen at first (the action takes place on the DS’ top screen, while enemy/ally info, HP/MP, ATBs are on the bottom screen), I’ve really grown to like it. 



Level grinding (which I used to hate, and I remember doing a fair amount of in this game), isn’t a pain any longer. I’ve found that by the time you reach a boss, you’re pretty well suited to kill it. The exception to this is right after I got Rydia … I spent some time grinding, and it’s paid off. 

I’ve just returned to Baron after becoming a Paladin, and so far I am SO impressed with this revamp. I was worried it would be like the “revamp” of FFIII (garbage, if you ask me), but they’ve actually improved upon the template without ruining it. I love it, and am probably going to play it at lunch 🙂

Check out the awesome character revamps:



Cecil as Paladin (although his DK side is SICKK)


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