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Musings on living abroad March 13, 2009

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No, by this headline I don’t mean that I’m suddenly planning to uproot, dash overseas with my life’s savings in hand and just wing it for a few months. Actually, I’m kind of writing about why I CAN’T do that (although anyone who knows me knows that I would do this in a heartbeat).

I just finished reading this article in the Seattle P-I about a good friend of mine who lived overseas for a while, and it got some wheels turning. Everyone I’ve ever met who has traveled abroad for any point of time has absolutely loved it, gushed about it, given me the “it’s something you’ll never regret; something you must do at least once in your life” schpeel. 

That’s great, and I would love to do something like that. As stated in the article, the freedom would be pretty cool. You’d be on your own schedule, seeing what you want to see, etc … always.

I hear this is how they travel in Europe

Is it really freedom, though, if you depend on having a no-rent place to live and a crappy hourly job to go home to when it’s all said and done?

Don’t get me wrong, but personally, I dislike that. I really wanted to be independent from my parents as soon as possible. Nothing against them, but I was just ready to be on my own — self-sufficiency was important to me. While I really miss my family a lot, there was something that just rubbed me the wrong way when I lived at home post-college and was working as a server. Kind of like I was taking advantage of them, almost? I mean, I generally expected to live at home for a period after graduation, but I was 22 years old and ready to GTFO.

I guess, for me, what’s frustrating is all I hear is, “Just do it! Wing it, fly by the seat of your pants, etc etc,” but the people who are telling me this have a huge safety net. They don’t have established jobs. I get NINE DAYS A YEAR off. I can’t be cavorting off to Europe or Asia or wherever for weeks — or months — at a time. Also, I would be paying rent for my home HERE. It’s just not feasible. 

I guess what it boils down to is that at this point in my life (just past “entry level,” mid-twenties, etc), creating and establishing a life for yourself, and doing what lots of my friends have done — traveling abroad — seem mutually exclusive. Of course my parents would come through if I ever REALLY needed to move back in, needed money, whatever … but just to jet around the world and have “life experiences”? 

Uh, no. 


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