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How I know I am getting old April 1, 2009

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It’s been a creeping suspicion of mine that I am what they call “an old soul.” Unfortunately I am not the kind of “old soul” that possesses infinite amounts of wisdom. I am still a spaz. I think I am the kind that is just super crotchety. Case in point:

  • My joints (esp. my right knee) really hurt when the weather is crappy. I would like to point out that I turned 24 in January. Something is wrong here.
  • I constantly find myself wishing that people would just grow up already.
  • I caulked the bathtub in my apartment this weekend, and I am still excited about it (seriously, I leave my shower curtain open so I can see it every time I walk in).
  • I am convinced I have an ulcer. I thought only old people got those?
  • I keep my car ridiculously clean. 
  • Not only do I use a desk calendar (which, it has been pointed out, is absurd since I consider myself pretty tech-savvy), but I love my desk calendar. I color-code it. Pink is personal. Blue is client meetings (code for: wear a suit). Yellow is a recurring responsibility. I know. I am pathetic.
  • I go to sleep by 10 each night, if not earlier. I also wake up automatically at 5:53 every morning. It’s creepy, I know.

That’s pretty much it, but for a 24 year-old? I think that’s sort of intense. 


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