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Game Thoughts: Phoenix Wright April 3, 2009

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A while back, I was perusing GameFly’s collection, looking for games that didn’t require using the 360 (boyfriend is somehow getting four games at once, and they’ve all been for the 360 lately … so I haven’t been using it much). Among other things, I came across a DS game called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The reviews were pretty solid, and as a bonus, it was kind of a throwback to the games I used to play all the time … text-based puzzle games. 

I ordered it, and it came about two weeks ago. I finished it Saturday after not being able to put it down in my spare time. Seriously, bf was complaining about me spending too much time with my DS (again). 

This may or may not have been what my boyfriend looked like when he was annoyed

It’s a really fun game, for starters. There are five different cases you go through in the first game, and instead of each one existing in a vacuum, the plotlines and characters (and even some evidence!) intermingle. You’re a young, hotshot attorney, and basically, you go poking around crime scenes to find evidence, and then take that into court and whoop some ass. 

Look at the determination: Let the ass-whooping commence

There are two modes to the game: in-court and out of court. The out of court is what I just mentioned — you jump around between a bunch of different locales, gathering evidence and talking to different characters. In court, you play the defense attorney, and you cross-examine witnesses. I’m a nerd about this kind of stuff, but I really had a good time examining testimonies, and then poking holes in them with the evidence I’d gathered.

Also, this is not an easy game. I was definitely penalized more than a few times for haphazardly guessing which evidence I needed, and some crazy shit goes down in Phoenix Wright’s world. 

The “HOLD IT” shout never got old — hio, voice acting!

My only qualm was that sometimes, the dialogue scenes would go on for bloody ever, way after I was ready to move onto whatever was happening next. To be fair, you can literally save anywhere and anytime you want (super convenient for crabby boyfriend tantrums), so you can break these up, if need be. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this game if you are in to this kind of thing. You will think, you will mess up a few times, but it’s really rewarding to come out on top. There’s not much replay value, but there are a couple sequels, so I’ve added those to my queue in hopes that they’re as entertaining as this one.


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