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This kid is awesome May 26, 2009

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Recently on BoingBoing, I saw an entry about a question on Yahoo!Answers regarding the legality of keeping a private library of banned books on a school campus (for use by other students). 

I’m mainly linking to this because this kid is AWESOME. He’s using some empty lockers to hold the books, and he gives due dates to borrowers, keeps logs, etc. I’m glad he got serious props in the Answers section. 

Then, I looked at the list of banned books. He explains he attends a private school (so I know they can pretty much ban whatever they want) … but I was still blown away by the works that were banned. Speaking from experience, many of these books are repeatedly a huge part of the AP Literature test — is that course just not offered? Seems kind of silly to deprive students of college credit because they don’t approve of some of the books used (but, who am I to judge.)

Here’s a partial list of the books he lends:

“>The Perks of Being a Wallflower
>His Dark Materials trilogy
>The Canterbury Tales [SERIOUSLY!? I read this in 6th grade]
>The Divine Comedy [Blown away by this and Candide]
>Paradise Lost
>The Godfather
>Interview with the Vampire
>The Hunger Games
>The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
>A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
>Animal Farm [sigh]
>The Witches [Okay, this one got me fired up. This book kind of scared me when I was little, but I read it like 6 times! Dahl was a great children’s author]
>Shade’s Children
>The Evolution of Man
> the Holy Qu’ran

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest [I didn’t read this until college, but I wish I’d read it earlier]
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Lord of the Flies [I thought this was mandatory reading everywhere]
Bridge to Terabithia [WTF]
East of Eden
The Brothers Grimm Unabridged Fairytales.

Also, I laughed when I saw that he didn’t want Twilight polluting his school. I love me some Twilight, but I’d probably throw a fit if the private school I was paying for was having my kids read that. Enjoyable? Yes. Great literature? No.


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