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More E3 June 12, 2009

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I’ll be honest. As E3 approached this year, part of me really just wanted to wait on everything and take in all the recaps. There’s far too much information, too many trailers, and too much news for me to be able to get to everything (especially being fully employed and at work while the expo took place). But, another part of me said “nut up, stay glued to your computer at lunch and after work, and take it in yourself.”

Second-hand information, while easier to obtain and digest, often comes tainted with someone else’s opinions and judgements — whether admitted or not. As you can imagine, the second part of me won over, and while in constant contact with a friend over email, I tried my best to keep up.

I wrote my conclusions and put together a “favorites” lists in my previous post, but now that the post-E3 lists, opinions, etc are coming out, I keep thinking that my initial post is woefully incomplete.

Example A: Wired’s “Top 10 Game Trailers from E3.” While some of my picks are on there, a few definitely slipped under my radar. Super Mario Galaxy 2, Uncharted 2 (especially Uncharted 2, that game looks SICKK), Project Natal (which blows me away but I think is so cool), and the Last Guardian had incredible trailers and I should have included them.

A note on Project Natal: like I said, this kind of creeps me out. But, AWESOME. It’s incredible that designers and programmers can create something like this — AI that reacts to a variety of situations, without seeming “programmed.” (At least, to me. Of course, I’ll admit to being totally in the dark about the mechanics of this kind of stuff.)

Anyway, if you’re still jonesing for game coverage and haven’t clicked over to Wired’s list, check it out.


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