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New Things October 2, 2009

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So, I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for five years. We’ve lived together for nearly two and a half of those years, and spent a great deal of time together in college. We also spent some time in a long-distance relationship, which necessitated a lot of time on the phone.

In short, we’ve had a lot of time to get to know each other.

I was pleasantly surprised last night to find out something I never knew (and never really suspected) — like me, my boyfriend has a secret enjoyment of classical music, and occasional opera … just like ME!

This is a short blog post, but I was excited to find that after spending so much time together (you think we would have had time to cover all this by now), we are still finding things out about each other — especially things we have in common.

Also, huge shout-out to Kelly — CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement! 🙂


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