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Gluten-Free: Day 3 (brain dump) November 10, 2009

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This is what I get for starting this kind of diet at a time when I’m obscenely busy. I want to chronicle it, so here we go.

I am alternately okay with gluten-free eating, and terrified by it. As I’ve mentioned before, I Google anything I’m unsure about, and this definitely included gluten-free eating. Two of the most reassuring blogs I’ve found thus far are Gluten-Free Girl and Chef (written by Seattle-ite Shauna James Ahern) and Karina’s Kitchen. Both have a litany of recipes that aren’t too out-there, as well as lists of favorite gluten-free products. Karina even has a post talking about the process she went through to go gluten-free.

This sort of stuff makes me feel better about it. It’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of products, baking mixes, etc to allow me to live a lifestyle that isn’t too different from the one I live now.

And then, I’m terrified by it. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. People constantly say “gluten is sneaky.” Seriously, it can be in chapstick, lotion, broths, seasonings, etc. Even those frozen Kashi meals that I like sometimes have gluten in them (there’s rye in their rice mix).

Also, what happens when I travel? It was reassuring to see that Shauna was able to eat through Italy on her honeymoon just fine (gluten-free), but what about all the stuff I love to eat? I don’t want to have to eat salads at restaurants for the rest of my life.

Also scary is having to push this on my boyfriend. By no means am I declaring that he should be gluten-free as well, but when he cooks for both of us, or orders appetizers or desserts at restaurants … it’s something he’ll have to keep in mind, and gluten is kind of a big thing to have to “keep in mind.” He’s been great about the no-dairy thing, but I’ll be honest — whether it’s legitimate or only in my mind, sometimes I sense a little bit of resentment. This worries me because gluten is so much more prevalent. You can avoid dairy pretty easily. Gluten? Not so much.

I don’t want to make him sound insensitive, because he’s not. I’m just expressing concerns. I hate inconveniencing other people, and that’s kind of what I feel like at this point.

Back on the gluten-free journey — I have what is referred to as the “nail in the head” headache many people get when giving up gluten (or so says Google). It’s similar to what it feels like to give up caffeine. I was determined to get through it without medication, but after reading that the headache can go on for weeks … that went kaput. Hello, Advil. I figure it’s okay, because it’s for a good cause.

Also, at this point, I’m kind of worried about what will happen when I get the biopsy results back. If it turns out I am gluten-intolerant or fully celiac, that will strengthen my resolve and make my gluten-free efforts a little more … legitimate, I guess.

If I’m not?

I’ll stay gluten-free for two weeks, per my original plan, and see what my body does without it. If it’s positive, I’ll probably stay that track. If not much changes (either weight or GI-wise), I’ll probably reintroduce some gluten … but try not to be so carb-reliant. Maybe these two weeks without bread will do me some good.



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