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Day 5 November 12, 2009

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It was very helpful to have something to eat this morning that wasn’t eggs. Not that I don’t love eggs (because I do), but I’m still a little disillusioned about eating eggs without toast. It’s just not the same. I know I could get gluten-free bread, but many blogs I’ve read have advised against eating a lot of replacement products in the first couple weeks, before your tastebuds adapt to non-gluten foods. Once your tastebuds accept that there will be no more gluten, the gluten-less products are more palatable, apparently.

Lunch got thrown off a little bit today. Last night, I made a pseudo-shepherd’s pie with the awful pot roast leftovers from Sunday. I think I am just trying too hard with that meal. Even covered in potatoes, it doesn’t look good.

Also, I’ve been having an obnoxiously difficult week at work (I kid you not when I say that everything I’ve done has been met with resistance of some sort), so when a couple of coworkers invited me out for lunch, I decided to get out of the office. I ended up having the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday’s, which as far as I know, is gluten-free (minus those amazing croutons, and I stayed away from any dressings or pre-dressed salad). It was delicious.


Breakfast: ~1/2 c. Bob’s Red Mill Hot Cereal w/some shredded coconut, flax seed and almond milk (made in the microwave, super easy!)

Snack: Fuji apple with peanut butter, decaf lemongrass green tea

Lunch: 1 salad bar plate with a variety of veggies (even beets!) and grapes, topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, 1 unsweet tea

Snack: 2 carrots

Dinner: TBD

A couple of notes: I’m not sure if the coconut I had in my breakfast is gluten-free or not. The kraft site is horrible, so I might just have to call. I would like to keep eating it, it’s such a nice sweet note!

Dinner is up for debate tonight. BF gets home later than I do, and I’m going to spinning. We don’t have anything thawed out of the freezer, and we had shrimp last night (over rice, it was yummy), so even our backup meal plan is out. We are going out for dinner tomorrow night at Bonefish, so I doubt BF will want to go out, or spend money picking anything up. Maybe breakfast for dinner or something.

Speaking of Bonefish, I feel sort of bad for the post I wrote the other day where I said I didn’t always feel like BF is supportive of my dietary choices. He chose Bonefish for our 5-year anniversary dinner tomorrow, and found their gluten-free menu for me so I can pig out and not worry! It was really nice of him to do that — I certainly wasn’t expecting it.

Photo from Bob’s Red Mill web site


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