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Day 15 November 23, 2009

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I can’t believe I’ve been eating gluten-free (with minor setbacks) for more than 2 weeks now.

The surprising part?

The hardest part was the first three days. Gluten-free requires an entirely new set of habits. I still tend to reach for bread when making meals, but it’s getting easier. I’ve just started to think about meals and cooking in a different way. The only thing that’s going to be really hard is baking. I’m unsure how my gluten-free all-purpose flour replacement is going to react in baked goods.

I think, to get my bake on, I’m just going to make a whole bunch of baked goods this holiday season and give them away. I get to bake, I get to make people happy. I’ve never had a huge sweet tooth, so it’s not the “eating” part of baking that I’m going to miss. There’s something very relaxing about baking. Sometimes I’ll even forego the stand mixer and do the hard work myself.

I’m sure BF won’t mind having to be my taste-tester, either. 🙂

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, with leftover sausage, onions, mushrooms and olives, sprinkled with some cheese. Put this over a Van’s gluten-free frozen waffle (SO GOOD, I swear they are better than Eggos), glass of OJ.

Snack: Apple or banana, decaf lemongrass green tea

Lunch: An Amy’s frozen meal — I picked up the baked ziti and the rice pasta mac and cheese last week.

Snack: Whichever piece of fruit I didn’t eat in the morning

Dinner: Something with chicken breasts and mushrooms, with broccolini on the side. Can you tell we’re trying to clean out the fridge?

It’s 10:30, and I’m still full from breakfast (I usually don’t have that much protein in the morning), so I may not need a snack. Then again, we’re not going to lunch until about 1, so who knows what my tummy will do.

Some important lessons I learned in eating this weekend:

  • Beer has gluten in it (even if it’s not wheat beer). I didn’t feel too awful afterwards, but I only had a pint before switching to Magner’s Cider. And then moscow mules. Saturday was fun.

  • Getting a burger without the bun is the best idea ever. Leaves more room for things like cider, and french fries!
  • The Publix by my apartment in Sanford/Lake Mary has as good of a selection of gluten-free items as the Whole Foods in Winter Park. I was so impressed this weekend, when I took the time to browse the aisles. No more making a second trip to WF!



Pie image from Benimoto’s Flickr

Moscow Mule image from WikiTender’s Moscow Mule entry


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