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Thanksgiving Menu November 23, 2009

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My family gets pretty amped up about Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s my favorite holiday of the year.

Since I was old enough to responsibly wield a knife, each year Dad_D and I would set up shop in the kitchen between 7 and 8 a.m., eat some oatmeal, and then commence destruction of the space over the next 4 hours.

At first, I just prepped for the stuffing (and seriously, we usually have 16 people over, so that’s a lot of onions and celery to chop). I was the sous chef to my dad’s executive chef, always with Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” playing in the background. We’d leave the windows and door to the patio open to let the brisk air blow in, and make a dent in the awful heat that comes from using all four gas burners and an oven simultaneously.

My dad and I are pretty adventurous in the kitchen, so each year, we tried something new.

We’ve deep-fried a turkey (messy messy messy), we’ve rotisserie’d a turkey on the BBQ (if you do this, make sure your rotisserie device can handle the weight of your turkey. Take it from me — a device designed for a 4-6 lb chicken will not correctly cook a 22-lb turkey. It will set it on fire). We’ve tried about 20 different recipes for stuffing (and found 2 that work!). I discovered “the ultimate gravy recipe” last Thanksgiving. I’ll share it when I get home. Warning: It involves giblets. Yes, I am that hardcore.

What we’re trying this year is a gluten-free Thanksgiving. I thought it would be a stretch, but my dad just emailed me and told me that both my mom and my sister want to start gluten-free diets, as well.

Not only does this make me feel less guilty about controlling the menu (because it’s not just for me), but it’s reassuring to know that I have two other people who support me … and who look to me for support in return.

I’ve been collecting Thanksgiving recipes on Delicious for the last two weeks, and sent the list to my family last night. I think my dad was worried that a gluten-free menu would deviate a lot from that which we’ve grown accustomed to. As I said above, we’re all for innovation, but is Thanksgiving really Thanksgiving without stuffing?

That being said, just because food is gluten-free doesn’t mean it has to be vastly different from what you’re used to eating. We’re still having turkey (this recipe from Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef), stuffing (a swiss chard one with gluten-free bread cubes instead of potato bread, and then a gluten-free cornbread sausage stuffing), mashed potatoes (already gluten-free!), and some vegetables. I’ll post the recipes for the stuffings later — I don’t have them on hand.

Here’s my Delicious list of Thanksgiving recipes (HA HA PUN). Peruse, and enjoy!

onions/celery picture from tsuacctnt’s Flickr

fire picture from Ciaran McGuiggan’s Flickr



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