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Christmas Spirit December 3, 2009

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It took me by surprise that we’re already three days into December. Usually I’m pretty gung-ho about the Christmas season just after Thanksgiving (mostly because I make myself wait so long to get excited). I helped my parents decorate the tree at their house last weekend surrounded by the classic songs of Mariah, Kenny, Luther and Mannheim Steamroller. It was awesome.

Things have been crazy busy for the last few days, and last night BF asked me when I was going to decorate the apartment (this struck me as funny, because he HATES decorations and clutter. I am allowed one box of decorations).

For shame. I make myself celebrate one holiday at a time, and I’ve already wasted three days of one of the best holiday seasons of the year. It doesn’t really help that it’s still in the 80s here.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty pumped up at this point. Other than a morning spinning class and an evening Christmas party for BF’s work, I am spending almost the whole weekend in decorate/create mode.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a DIY-er (thanks for that trait, dad). In the interest of saving $$, avoiding the malls and really enjoying myself this month, I’m going to create gift baskets for people. I’ve been brainstorming, and have come up with the following things that I can make from scratch:

Limoncello (takes a month!)

Flavored oil

Flavored vinegar

Hot chocolate

Homemade marshmallows


Candied orange peels

Granola (perhaps for BF’s health-conscious stepmom)

I’m still looking for some places that have good recipes. Any other ideas? 🙂


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