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Gamerscores and Achievement Whores December 11, 2009

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In the realm of Xbox Live, I live in a house divided.

I play games that I find enjoyable. When I get bored with them, I stop playing. Achievements are cool, but that little “bleep bleep” noise that accompanies them doesn’t get my heart racing or anything.

BF, however, loves him some achievements … and gamerpoints. I’ve seen him crunch away at games he doesn’t particularly enjoy just to get the easier achievements before relegating them to the back of our bookshelf (or in the mail back to GameFly).

I happen to know that his gamerscore is somewhere near 11,000. I’m not quite sure where mine is, but it’s between 3,000-4,000 last time I checked. And really, I don’t care what it is.

Please don’t think I’m on a soapbox about this. If you enjoy goal-based playing and focusing on achievements, that’s just fine. Everyone enjoys video games differently, has different tastes, etc.

This all stems from an article I read on Kotaku this morning about a 24 year-old American woman who has a gamerscore of more than 165,000. I’ve been on XBL for right around four years, and I’m not even to 5,000 yet.

The part of the article that got me is near the beginning — as she’s boosting her score with the writer of the article on Madden NFL Arcade, she says, “I hate sports games.” She admits she didn’t know what a sack was, or even which player her quarterback was.

To each their own. But, is a gamerscore worth sinking hours of your life (and the woman didn’t even know how much money she’d spent) into something you don’t even remotely enjoy?

For her, obviously it is. 165K is a big deal. And when she hits 200K, she admits that it’s going to make her rethink what she’s doing. She said she’s thinking about retiring at that point, but does that mean retiring from GS grinding, or retiring from video games? Can someone who is this dedicated to building a GS ever play games recreationally?

Are you an achievement person, or could you not care less about your GC? Am I in the minority here?

I pulled my avatar pic from MyGamerCard

Madden NFL Arcade image from Amazon


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