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New Year’s Resolution January 7, 2010

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I dislike New Year’s resolutions. They say that it takes about 6 weeks for people to break these resolutions, and I’m no exception to that.

For years, the D_Family wrote up resolutions at the same Chinese restaurant we frequented every New Year’s Eve, and then gave them to Mom_D for safekeeping. The following year, we’d bring ’em out, and see who was able to keep their word the longest. The winner received a $50 gift certificate to the store or restaurant of their choice, compliments of Mom_D and Dad_D.

I never won.

I could come up with excuses for why I was never victorious (it could be because my siblings would often set stupidly easy resolutions and win by default), but the fact of the matter is that I think this is why I do not like resolutions. They reek of failure to me.

I used to set really concrete resolutions, which were very measurable. “Lose 15 pounds.” “Save 10% of after-school-job income.” Etc.

Then, when I realized that I wasn’t achieving those, I went with something more generic, that I could fudge achievement with if need be. “Be happier with my body.” “Be comfortable with what’s in my savings account.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite hack these, either.

So this year, I am making one resolution to rule them all:


I got this idea from this post over at Dumb Little Man. I figure that if I take 1 second every time I have the option to feel a certain way about something — and take the initiative to be happy about it — everything else will fall into place.

Snarkiness is funny, but I think it’s wearing on me. It’s time to get happy.

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ring photo from that.with.the.camera’s Photostream


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