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You know how I know I’m serious? January 28, 2010

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I secretly started a food diary on Monday.

For some reason, I’ve always been biased against food diaries. I hate the idea of them. I sort of think it’s because I’m a snacker and keeping track of everything I put in my mouth gets to be a pain (that’s what she said).

But, I read a lot of health-related blogs — notably Healthy Tipping Point and The Fitnessista — as well as articles about weight and health, and what I’ve read is that food diaries (whatever form they may take) usually work because they keep you accountable. If you ingest it, you write it down. Tyler over at 344 Pounds has said that writing down what he eats helps keep him accountable. Tyler has lost 130 pounds. I believe him.

That is a little terrifying to me, because I’m striving for a “lifestyle change,” something I can sustain. I’m afraid a food diary (which inevitably led to calorie-counting) will make me neurotic.

I don’t need anything else in my life to make me neurotic. You know how many times I checked my purse to make sure I had our camera on the way home from the Orlando airport on Sunday?


Nine times during a 45 minute drive where we didn’t leave the car. Clearly, I’m compulsive enough on my own.

But at this point, I’m down to try anything that’ll improve my habits. So secretly — guiltily, almost — I started a food diary on Monday. I really want to have evidence that my body should be letting go of weight, should I decide to see someone about it in upcoming months.

The rub is that I know this is going to be easy during the week. I have a pretty standard morning smoothie, small snack when I get hungry between 10 and 11, I usually bring lunch (so I can control what I eat there), and I have a snack at around 4 (especially if I’m going to the gym straight after work). Dinner is usually okay — BF is not a carb person at all. Carbs are my weakness. His influence helps me curb that. It’s usually a protein and vegetable, easy-peasy.

Where I know I’m going to run into problems is on the weekend. BF and I don’t have a great track record with weekend meals. We’re usually lazy and have something like home-made burgers or pizza. Or, we make an elaborate, indulgent meal.

Oh, and I like to drink. While I’m nothing like I was in college, I still enjoy a glass (or a bottle) of red wine every now and then. And by “every now and then” I mean “every Friday night.”

I’ll keep recording things this weekend, and see where I stand.

diary image from magic madzik


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