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Food Diary Update February 1, 2010

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It took a food diary for me to confirm my suspicions: My weekends may be destroying my diet.

I know this weekend was particularly bad (so bad that I didn’t even want to tally the calories). I didn’t even make much of an effort to cut corners or say “no.” Saturday was the first night in ages that I really just wanted to sit around, drink beer and watch basketball. And oh did I. It wasn’t even a light beer, like I normally insist on … it was Yuengling. I ate so many nachos (with ground chicken instead of beef … but full-fat cheese) between 4 and 5 p.m. Saturday that I didn’t eat again until 11 a.m. the next morning, even though I was drunk and we were up until 2 a.m.

I literally ate more than half the sheet pan — more than BF. He said he didn’t know whether he should have been disgusted or impressed.

On Saturday morning, I started off so well. I got a quickie cardio session in at the gym before my hair appointment, and only had a smoothie and a banana with peanut butter prior to my nacho gorge.

Sunday was okay until dinner. I cooked all freaking day (to have healthy meals for the week, yay!), our garbage disposal gave me the middle finger and decided to stop working, spewing water and chopped onions everywhere. I did 2 weeks’ worth of laundry. I cleaned the house because I don’t want the apartment repair guy to think we’re a couple of slobs. I was tired, and my willpower was naught.

Enter: Noodles Romano. Butter + cream cheese + herbs + shrimp + noodles. Talk about a dairy gut bomb. Plus we had Caesar salad (w/out cheese and croutons … and with this really good yogurt-based Caesar BF found). And then I had 1/2 c. ice cream for dessert. Because I needed it.

At least now I know, and I realize I have to work on weekend willpower. For me, it’s easier to resist temptation at work. I usually bring lunch, and healthy snacks. Even when I do give in and go out, I tend to make pretty good decisions. I drink more than enough water. I drink a lot of herbal tea.

The weekend comes around, and BF and I are burnt out … and we are usually hopeless to resist temptation (especially together).

New Mindset: What I eat on the weekends is directly related to how much weight I am losing (or not losing).

New Goal: Quit being a weekend fatty. Reserve some willpower.

Yuengling picture from merfam


2 Responses to “Food Diary Update”

  1. Kate Says:

    That sounds like quite a packed weekend! If you’re interested, you can take a peek at my tips on my eating healthy blog (“38 Dos & Don’ts” link on the right side), some of which I’m sure may be of use to you. Good luck with those temptations! http://nocrapdiet.wordpress.com

    • lexd Says:

      It was a big weekend (and not in a totally good way…), and I felt it during last night’s workout!

      Thanks for commenting — I’ll stop by your blog and take a look!

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