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Making good decisions February 17, 2010

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When I’m stressed, I do four things:

  • Eat
  • Grocery shop
  • Bake
  • Clean

I am pretty stressed out at work right now. One of my friends and coworkers is leaving, and I’m taking on a lot of her role. Also, some projects are starting to pick up, and I’m scrambling to get my ducks in a row before they really hit full-force.

I’m stressed at home because moving sucks — even before you break out the boxes. Trying to make sure that our current landlord doesn’t try and screw us, as well as finding an apartment complex that will work with us on our move-in date.

We had a 2-hour department meeting today, which resulted in a bunch of brilliant ideas (I really have some of the best coworkers around) and new directions to take. I’m excited about them. But I was also overwhelmed by them.

Said meeting let out right at noon, and not having had any sort of mid-morning snack, my stomach was growling like crazy. I ate my pre-packed lunch like a good girl (2 brown rice cakes topped with sun-dried tomato pesto mayo, a slice of ham and a small square of raw goat cheddar) … and then promptly got sucked back into work again. And more calls between BF, the apartment complexes and I flew around amidst this.

Seeking serious relief, I GTFO of my office and headed for Whole Foods at around 2. Originally I went just for some juice from their juice bar (the carrot/apple/ginger/wheatgrass one is my fav!), but vices one and two got in the way and I wandered through the aisles and eventually wound up in front of the bakery cabinet, pondering the merit of devouring an “everything” vegan cookie.

Know what I did then? I WALKED AWAY. I am really proud of this. Of course, I walked away to the tea aisle and promptly picked up a yummy-looking Tazo tea (Cucumber White, it’s good) and bought that instead. And 4 Lara bars (on sale!). And a big bottle of water for the gym tonight.

While I wasn’t successful thwarting both of my typical stress-relievers, at this point, I’d rather have spent $16 than have eaten that huge cookie. I am thanking myself now, and I will be thanking myself later tonight when I put in all my calorie information for the day on MyPlate.

I know I shouldn’t have headed to WF in the first place … but baby steps, here.

Tonight is going to be another ass-kicker at the gym — 30 minutes cardio, a superset circuit from Winter Shape Up, and an hour-long Zumba class. After doing this on Monday, I went home, inhaled food and passed out by 9:30.

But, it was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Looking forward to tonight!

image: greg westfall


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