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Eating veg-ish March 31, 2010

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Must share the amazing shake I had for breakfast this morning. I’ve been reading about the “chocolate cherry bomb” shake for a while, but rarely buy frozen fruit. I splurged on a $3 bag of dark sweet cherries at Publix on Monday, so today I decided to give it a shot … with some changes:

1 banana

13 frozen cherries (yes, I counted)

1 tbsp vanilla brown rice protein powder

1ish tsp cocoa powder

2 c. spinach

1ish c. almond milk


I think it could have used a little more chocolate, but I would rather under-chocolate … the flavor achieved with cocoa powder can go from “pleasantly chocolatey” to “blech, too bitter” in 2.2 seconds. It was AWESOME, and I fully intend to have these more often. Had to share.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve consciously been trying to wean some meat out of my diet. I don’t really have a particular reason for this, except that I usually feel better and a little more balanced when I don’t eat meat. When I do have meat, I tend to go pretty heavy on the portion sizes, and I just end up in a food coma.

I’ve been eating vegetarian (and mostly vegan, now that I think about it) for breakfast and lunch over the last two weeks, and since this is a pretty hard sell for BF, eating meat at dinner. I spent a couple years as a vegetarian, and a couple years as a non-red-meat eater, so this isn’t entirely unfamiliar to me. I’m comfortable with non-animal sources of protein (and non-soy at this point, too), and I am pretty sure I’m still managing to eat a balanced diet.

At this point? I like it, and will probably continue to eat 2 vegetarian meals a day as much as possible. Also, it’s WAYYY less expensive, and I can eat a lot 🙂

What’s difficult about it is that it often requires that I cook semi-separate meals at dinner, or I don’t eat something that BF made (which I think sort of hurts his feelings). BF eats most vegetables (although we both agree on our dislike for zucchini and squash, yuk), but things like sweet potatoes — foods that are quickly becoming staples in my diet — aren’t his cup of tea. He’s also not a huge bean fan outside of black or pinto beans.

I’m sort of having guilt about spending joint money (we have a joint account to pay for groceries, bills, etc) on food that he’s not going to eat. I usually end up paying for those shopping trips on my own … even though I’m usually buying stuff we’ll both eat, too. I haven’t quite figured this one out yet, but between BF’s birthday gift (I paid for half of his new Xbox 360 elite), paying my taxes and my car payment, shopping with my own cash this month is going to be a little strapped. Good thing sweet potatoes are 39 cents a pound at Publix right now 🙂 Here I come, sweet potato fries!

Any good veg staples I should be aware of that I’m not already hitting? I’m on the broccoli and asparagus bandwagon, since those are coming into season.

image from muffet


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