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Being Memorable April 5, 2010

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This weekend, as I was sweeping the floor at Pet Rescue by Judy’s adoption center, I began an odd train of thought (sweeping is a pretty mindless activity, see).

Back in elementary school, when I was playing softball, there was a rule that you had to clean up any fields that you played on. When we got to a field one day, we discovered that whoever had been there before us had taken it upon themselves to chew what looked to be 3 huge bags of sunflower seeds and spit them all over the dugout. To avoid being held accountable for their mess, we were tasked with cleaning it up.

Someone secured a broom and brought it to us, and we managed to argue about WHO was going to do the actual sweeping (as in, we all WANTED to do it. Kids are weird.) A few of us had better reasons than others as to why we should get to sweep. I had just helped my dad clean the garage a couple weekends prior, so that was mine. Another girl I played with said, “my uncle is a janitor, so I know how to do this really well.”

I have no idea if she was lying or what, but we kind of let her have it at that point. From what I remember, I didn’t want to press the issue. Would she be embarrassed if I did? Would it be worse to be caught lying about something like that, or admit to the fact that yes, her uncle was a janitor?

(Clearly, even at the tender age of 10 or 11 I was overanalyzing these things. I was born to blog, I guess.)

I bring this up because I think about this incident every time I have to sweep more than a 4’x4′ area. Literally, every time.

I am now friends with this girl on Facebook, but I still don’t know much about her life. As a result, this experience is really one of the only things I remember about her. I’m sure that if she knew that, she’d either laugh at me, or be kind of offended.

At this point, I got to thinking: If that’s the only thing I remember about her, what does she remember about me? Does she remember me? (Clearly she does, she sought me out on Facebook). In fact, what does ANYONE remember about me?

I’d like to think that people remember me as a thoughtful, intelligent and capable individual, who works hard and has a sense of humor. I know this is unrealistic, because I’ve done some stupid stuff, and I’m sure I’m remembered for those actions in some circles. I bet a lot of people I went to high school with remember me as being kind of mean and snotty. (Not ideal.)

I’m not advocating being preoccupied with how others perceive you. You can’t control what people think. However, I think it is healthy to be cognizant of the fact that your actions do leave impressions on others. I’m just curious as to what actions/words/attitudes people remember about me.

What do you think people remember about you?

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