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Enabling good decisionmaking April 9, 2010

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I know I am not alone when I say that it’s real easy to TALK about making good decisions … but when the decision is there, staring me in the face, it’s far too easy to stumble and choose the less “healthy” or “positive” or “I will regret this” option.

As of late, especially because I have been exercising less frequently, I have been trying to make good decisions about food. I’ve found that if I don’t pack a great lunch — something I’m actually looking forward to eating — there’s not much that will stop me from chiming in when my coworkers inevitably look for lunch buddies.

That being said, I’ve been getting my ass out of bed at 7 this week (instead of 730) to make oatmeal for breakfast (we’re out of spinach for green monsters), and while that’s cooking away, I’ve been putting together some great salads for lunch.

I’ve discovered that investing in a few fun ingredients really enables good salads. Goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts are repeat extras in my salads. The other day I added carrots, green pepper, red onion and broccoli to goat cheese, romaine and walnuts to create a bangin’ garden salad.

Today I went more mediterranean (I guess?) with goat cheese, kidney beans, pine nuts, artichoke hearts, romaine and sun dried tomatoes. Both days I was stoked to eat my salad. Today we even WENT to Anthony’s Pizza and I managed to only order a slice of veggie pizza and an iced tea. I am currently noshing on my salad (yeah, yeah, it will ruin my appetite). And it is delicious.

My point? By investing some time in the morning, I can make it really easy to make the right decision at lunch, when my willpower is typically pretty weak. Plus, eating really well during the day means I might be able to sneak another nip of red wine with dinner 😉

Some other fun salad add-ins? Hard boiled eggs (thanks, Easter), sauteed asparagus, and fennel (if you have not tried fennel, DO IT. It is like celery but WITH FLAVOR!).

We are off to Tampa tomorrow for a couple Yankees games in the disappointingly-indoors Tropicana Field. We’re going to hit the Strawberry Festival on the way, and I am tres excited.

image from catsper


2 Responses to “Enabling good decisionmaking”

  1. peanutbutterfingers Says:

    yes! totally agree about packing foods you WANT to eat. it makes it so much easier to turn down greasy pizza!

    • lexd Says:

      YES! That’s what I’ve been missing. And I don’t feel like I have a food baby after fun yummy salads the way I do after Chipotle or Tijuana Flats 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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