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Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance April 29, 2010

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… sorry for the indulgent title, it’s something my dad used to say to me and I had to use it.

Just wanted to get on my soapbox for a minute about calorie/food intake when eating out. This comes up, see, because it is BF’s birthday and we are going to Outback tonight. Not really wanting to ruin the way I feel right now (pretty awesome), I’ve been using their online nutrition calculator to put together a yummy — and yet not overly-indulgent — meal plan for when I get there.

Ok, so I’m actually kind of bloated after giving in to a slice of Olive Garden’s lemon cake at my client’s office. Really, I just want to save the calories for wine or one of their pom martinis 😉

Anyway, so I’m checking out this meal planner.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with the usual 8 oz prime rib, with seasonal vegetables (no butter) and a house salad with their vinaigrette dressing.  So I click the buttons on this calorie planner (it’s actually quite cool and does all the math for you), and then see that my salad doesn’t look quite right. It’s clocking in at more than 450 calories. So, I uncheck the dressing box. It goes back to a normal-looking calorie count.

Then, I try clicking on the “ranch” dressing option. Not even 320 calories.

WTF? I repeat the clicking, and yeah, it seems right. The vinaigrette has more than 130 more calories than ranch.

This may seem like I’m splitting hairs because jeez, we’re going to Outback (home of the bloomin’ onion) … but that’s a glass of wine right there, people.

PRIORITIES. i haz them.

So then I got to thinking. How can a oil and vinegar dressing have way more calories than something that is primarily mayo-based?

I was thinking maybe it’s the type of oil they use, but I didn’t see enough calorie difference in the typical oils to make that much of a difference. And then I stopped caring, because I’m going with honey mustard, dammit.

Actually, at the chain restaurant I worked at in high school and college, they used to use vegetable oil in their oil/vinegar combo. To me, that was gross. I should probably know better.

The point of this rambling is that I feel better prepared now that I’ve done a little bit of recon, and can compromise what I really want with food that is decent for me and won’t make me feel TOO much like crap tomorrow. I am so in favor of restaurants revealing calorie counts … even if it’s not obvious, just make the information available so we can make educated guesses!

Otherwise, I’d be eating my vinigrette-d salad thinking I was doing myself a favor …

Currently loving: “Ghostwriter” by RJD2, The Notebook (the novel! zomg), that tomorrow is Friday! woot

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