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New snack! May 15, 2010

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It’s been a pretty boring day around here. BF and I ended up staying out pretty late last night at a couple local bars with some people that he works with, so I relished the opportunity to sleep in (really sleep in, until 10!). He had to work this morning, so I spent my solo time cleaning the apartment, going for a long walk (and picking up my car), and doing some yoga.

If you think at-home yoga practice would work for you, I highly recommend YogaDownload.com. For just a couple bucks each, you can get a variety of yoga programs that are either video, or are just audio and come with a PDF pose guide, so you know how the session will develop. I’m a huge fan of the Balancing Flow #1 and Hip Opening Flow (which is what I did this morning).

There’s a big beer festival happening in downtown Orlando that we had kind of half-planned on going  to, but after spending more than we wanted last night and staying out late, putzing around the house just sounded better than drinking more beer (college me would be so disappointed to hear me say that).

Lately I’ve been making more of an effort to eat gluten-, dairy- and meat-free as much as possible. I’ve noticed I feel much better without the dairy and gluten (I just feel bloated when I eat them), and I think my diet was becoming too meat-centric … hence the meat-free.

It is really hard. I’m settling for doing this most of the time, especially because we are trying to cut back on groceries and eat the food that we’ve already bought. Most of this food is not gluten-, dairy-, and/or meat-free.

That being said, I came up with a new snack that fully violates TWO of these principles 🙂 But it’s delicious!

Nacho-style pretzels

I love nachos, but we don’t have any tortilla chips right now. In fact, the only chip/cracker we have in our pantry is pretzels. So, I went with it. I think the salt on the nachos and the extra crunch make this a pretty solid snack. They didn’t get soggy the way tortilla chips tend to.

Pepper jack cheese


Salsa (I used Publix organic medium salsa … I love that stuff)

I just spread the pretzels out on a plate and placed half of a thin slice of the cheese on each pretzel (I cut thin slices off the cheese block, and then just cut them in half so they were kind of pretzel-sized). I put them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds — I didn’t want the cheese to melt through the pretzel holes, but I wanted it soft. Then, I just topped each cheesy pretzel with 1/2-1 t. salsa and inhaled them. I’ll definitely make these again. Maybe even pizza-style pretzels next time?

Currently loving: The new Sookie Stackhouse book, Oblivion, iced tea (I forgot how refreshing it is. I don’t know why I don’t make it more often)

image from lululemon athletica


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