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I BURST WITH PRIDE … May 18, 2010

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… instead of Greek food. To celebrate our office manager getting her US citizenship, we ordered Greek food and had an office lunch together today.

It should be noted that I love Greek food. Yesterday when we submitted our orders, I was awful and ordered a gyro platter (deconstructed gyro).

First thing this morning, I went and changed my order to a Greek salad and an order of hummus in an effort to align the meal with my less meat/dairy/bread goals.

Sure, I still had feta on my salad and I had 2 small triangles of pita bread. But considering what I first ordered, I am proud of myself 🙂

Currently loving: that Stephen King’s Under the Dome on audio book is waiting for me at the library, that I found Veggie Booty at Publix yesterday, and that my sunburn is finally fading!


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