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Protein sources May 27, 2010

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While I really enjoyed my personal training session on Sunday (so much so, actually, that I find myself enviously watching people with PTs as I’m sweating on the treadmill at the gym), there were a couple of things that irked me about it. The biggest one happened to be the discussion he and I had about protein.

After working out, he sat me down and asked me some basic questions about my dedication to my health, how much time per week I could dedicate to exercise, and my diet. Things were fine until that last topic, and then I told him that I was eating mostly soy-, wheat- and dairy-free (because seriously, I feel better with less in my diet), and trying to avoid meat for 2/3 meals a day.

His response: “So a low-protein diet, then.”

I’ve seen this gripe before on other blogs, and so I replied, “Not really. I eat a lot of eggs, beans, hummus, protein grains, protein powder and peanut butter.” For some reason, this still didn’t connect for him. “But no meat,” he said again. “Not if I can help it,” I replied. “So low-protein,” he said again.

At this point I realized that he subscribed to the protein = meat theory. He’s a personal trainer and he’s certified in sports-related nutrition, so I just kind of let it go at this point.

I understand that meat is great protein, especially skinless chicken breasts. But, that’s expensive, you have to keep it refrigerated, and frankly I hate dry chicken breasts (which that particular cut of meat is wont to be). But as far as I know, you can reduce your meat intake (or eliminate it completely) without negatively impacting the amount of protein you ingest … it’s all about what you choose to replace it with.

At this point I realized I haven’t really been tracking my protein intake very well. I usually try to get one source in at every meal and have some sort of protein shake within 30 minutes of working out if I’m not going to be eating soon after. Maybe this wasn’t enough?


After tracking my diet this week, I’ve discovered a trend — I am eating AT LEAST my recommended allowance of protein every day. On Monday, I was more than double.

The numbers may be just a little bit off, but when I can, I either record the nutrition facts straight from a web site/package on to MyPlate or use their “verified” foods … so even if this is ballpark, I’m still kicking butt on protein intake. Take that, meat-obsessers.

I also discovered that I eat a LOT of fiber … way more than the recommended amount. I can’t think of anything really bad about this; it’s not having any negative impacts on my digestive system or anything. Just something I discovered.

Anyone else run into the protein = meat issue?

PS – For those who care, the fort is still up in our living room.

Currently loving: NEW MOON (I just rewatched it last night for the first time since seeing it in the theaters) Team Jacob, that BF saved egg whites for me after making a key lime pie last night, the Costco-sized tub of spinach and artichoke hummus that is sitting in my fridge, compliments of BF (<3)

image from Phillie Casablanca


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