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Talk about procrastination monster … June 22, 2010

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I’ll be flat out honest, I’ve been putting off writing this post because I’ve been undecided about how much or how little to disclose.

And, because last week was one of the more stressful weeks in my life as of late.

Basically, BF went to the hospital in an ambulance the afternoon of the 12th (at halftime of the England/USA game). That was not the first time I’ve had to call an ambulance, but I discovered that there is nothing worse than getting a phone call where all you can hear is (“in the bathroom” “puking blood” “ambulance please”) through static.

We were in the ER for 6 hours (during which nobody really told us why we were there …), and they ended up keeping him until Monday night (on a liquid diet most of the time). I was at the hospital for the entirety of visiting hours both Sunday and Monday. Thank goodness both my work and his work were very accommodating — he was out until Friday, and I went back Tuesday.

BF will be okay (thank GOD), but odds are he’ll be on medication for most of his life, and he’ll require a few (significant) lifestyle changes. He’s seeing a doctor tomorrow, and then will go back in a couple weeks to have a follow-up procedure done.

There are about 2390571945831 blog posts I wanted to write about our experience at Florida Hospital East (mainly: WHY ARE YOU GIVING MY BOYFRIEND SODA, COFFEE AND LEMONADE GIVEN HIS PARTICULAR DIAGNOSIS, and also your cafeteria is awesome) … but when it comes down to it, I’m just glad BF is out. Hospitals are scary, depressing places (although most of the nurses we saw were awesome!).

I had a really hard time getting back up and running last week, and I actually ended up staying home sick Thursday. It’s amazing how much of a toll stress can take on your body. As far as I was concerned, BF wasn’t functioning normally until this last Sunday, and it took me until Friday to feel normal again.

Also, that weekend emphasized the importance of living near family. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was for BF’s dad and stepmom to be able to buzz over to the hospital. That was my first time staying in a hospital for more than 45 minutes … and I had no idea what questions to ask the doctors in the 5 minutes that we actually got to see them. They were able to hang out with me while BF was sleeping, eat with me (I didn’t want to eat in front of BF since he couldn’t eat solid food), reassure me that things were going to be fine, ask the questions that I should have been asking. Given that I became the improptu contact for work, friends and family all over the nation, I felt like I had my plate full. Not to mention that I was the main point of contact between BF and the nurses (he didn’t want to be mobbing around in a hospital gown, dragging an IV). I appreciate their presence SO MUCH. How do people deal with that alone?

That weekend also served as a reminder to please PLEASE PLEASE take care of yourselves. You only get one body, and in order to allow it to enable you to live a lifestyle you enjoy … you have to take care of it. Don’t ignore it if it’s hurting. Even if it turns out to be nothing, better to investigate early.

Currently loving: The Two Towers audiobook, microwaved sweet potatoes, TRUEBLOOD (although wtf was up with that Snoop Dogg song!?)

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