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Music Taste July 1, 2010

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I’ve found that taste in music is a pretty personal thing, and even though our taste may evolve based on new musicians/bands/songs we find, many musical tendencies seem to stem from what your parents listened to.

15 year-old me would punch 26 year-old me in the face for saying that (and for pretty much everything else in this post). Oh how I HATED the music my parents listened to. At the prime age of 13, boybands burst onto the market and I literally covered my walls with photos of N’Sync, 5ive, LFO, 98 Degrees and even O-Town. (Notice the conspicuous absence of Backstreet Boys.) It was all I listened to, it was all my friends listened to. It was awesome. My parents listened to weird guitar/folk/piano music, and I drowned them out as much as I could.

Fast forward to today. My stations on Pandora include The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, Al Green, Diana Krall, Led Zeppelin, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton. Who are the artists I find myself gravitating towards as I hear more music? Damien Rice, David Gray, Radiohead, Norah Jones, Fleet Foxes, Ben Harper. I also happen to love Metallica, Live, A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails, but I credit that to my friend Kelly, who opened my eyes to fresher rock music back in junior high.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but as I compare my music taste to that of my parents … it’s damn similar. Which officially means either:

a) I’m getting old

b) I was a brat and my parents actually have awesome taste in music.

I think they’re related a bit (that is, I’m old enough to admit I was wrong and that my parents have awesome taste in music), but I got to thinking about this the other day when I heard a new song on last.fm and instantly thought, “Dad_D would LOVE this.”

I find myself returning the favor over the last few years. When I find a song I know my dad would like, I make sure to buy him the CD, or make him a mix of random songs I’ve discovered. I can say that I introduced him to Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and Ray LaMontagne — and it’s awesome to go home and hear the songs I recommended for him playing out of the stereo not because I put them there … but because he really enjoys them. We can talk about the music, what we like, who they sound like, and all that. It’s how my dad and I bond more and more these days (well, including beer, wine and food) 🙂

Currently loving: Alan Wake, LOST (I know I am three years behind, pardon me) and Jell-o pudding cups!


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