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BIG NEWS July 11, 2010

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Every spare moment of my time in the last couple weeks has been consumed by the following:


It’s been in the works for a few weeks (and organizing this stuff is a time suck!), and I really wanted to wait and announce it until we’d told BF’s dad and stepmom. But, I can’t really wait any longer. I am so excited!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably discerned that BF and I aren’t very happy here in Orlando, and haven’t been for awhile. While neither of us are 100% thrilled with our jobs, it’s not just that — it’s Orlando in general. There are some bright sides to living here (sun 99% of the time, beaches you can swim in, pool weekends, the attractions), I haven’t been a fan of this area since the honeymooning period wore off at the end of 2007. The traffic, the tourists, the heat, and really just the city itself. While I like the area we live in now more than when we were further north, I’m just not clicking with the city the way I thought I would. And I think 3 years is enough.

Plus, I don’t get enough time off to see my family very often, and that’s more of a problem than I thought it would be.

SO. There’s good news, and there’s bad news:

THE GOOD NEWS: I’m moving up the first week in August. Our stuff and my car will go up with a moving company, and I’ll fly up that first weekend (this is all 95% official). My last day of work with my current job is July 30. I already have a part-time gig established, too 🙂

THE BAD NEWS: BF isn’t moving up at the same time I am 😦 We sat down and hashed it out, and the most practical thing to do was have one of us move to the Seattle area, get a job and an apartment, and then have the other one fly up. See, we still have a few months left on our lease here in Orlando … and we couldn’t afford to both quit our jobs, be unemployed, and somehow pay rent here in Orlando and then a new place in Seattle. With car payments, etc … that just wasn’t feasible.

So, since I have family just outside of Seattle, I’m going to quit my job here, move up there, secure a job(s), and ferret out an apartment, while living with my parents and saving money that way. I’ll send BF $$ to help with the rent here, of course. He’ll stay here with his current job in this apartment. Also, he’s going to have a medical procedure done in early August, so he needs his current healthcare for that.

I am NOT a fan of long-distance relationships. BF and I have done it several times, and it really just sucks. Hopefully this is a very temporary arrangement, and depending on his job situation, he can move up in early October. And, I’ll see him at the end of August for a whole week!

I keep telling myself that it’s the best way to do this, which is true. That doesn’t make me any happier about it, though :-\

So, as you can see, I’m a little conflicted … but very excited and anxious. The next few weekends are going to be spent trying to re-pack the house (yuck) … and buying BF some temporary furniture so he doesn’t have to sit on milk crates until October.

Currently loving: Stephen King’s The Stand, World Market Jasmine Green Tea, the stairmaster at the gym

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