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WANTED: My dream neighborhood July 20, 2010

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I know I’m kind of jumping the gun here because I haven’t even left Orlando yet, much less really started to look for a place to live in Seattle. But, two of the bloggers I read regularly (Kath and Caitlin) just moved/are moving, and they’ve been talking about their respective new neighborhoods … and it got me thinking.

When BF and I finally reconnect in Seattle and are looking for a place to live, what’s important to me? By no means is this a comprehensive list, but it’s a good place to start.

  • Safe. I want to be able to walk down my street and not be anything more than generally cautious. For this reason, I’m eliminating anything close to Aurora.
  • Quiet. While nobody wants partiers for neighbors, there’s only so much I can control. I don’t particularly want to live near a super-busy street or intersection … or in the U District (noisy neighbors)!
  • Walkable (and bike-able). This one is of particular importance to me. I think one of my biggest frustrations about Orlando is that it’s not designed to be a walkable city (probably because you don’t want to be outside for 4 months out of the year). That means you have to drive everywhere. I would much rather walk or bike, and I’d like to live somewhere that encourages that. Pedestrian-friendly is key.
  • Locale. This kind of goes along with walkable, but I’d like to be within walking distance to a decent grocery store, at least 1 coffee shop that’s not a chain (this is Seattle, this is shooting pretty low), a major bus line and at least 5 restaurants and bars.
  • Dog-friendly. This, like the coffee shops, isn’t much to ask for in Seattle. People love their pets there (although not in that my-dog-is-in-a-stroller-I-love-it-so-much way). While I’m not going to try and take it in to restaurants or shops, I’d like to live somewhere where dogs aren’t unusual, where sidewalks are decently wide, and with a park where we can play. (And by “we” I mean my future dog and I :).)

Too much to ask? We’ll see in a few months 🙂

Currently loving: PMS is finally over (TMI but I’m sorry, I’m really honestly loving it), dinner with two good friends last night (tapas mmmm), instrumental Grooveshark playlist

Mantra: “If anything can go well, it will.”

image from Wonderlane (it’s in Fremont)


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