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What … happened? July 21, 2010

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Prepare yourselves … this is kind of a downer post.

On a whim (and because I refuse to start a new assignment 10 minutes before COB), I was looking through old pictures on Facebook, making sure I don’t have any obscene pictures from college up there, hanging around for potential employers to see.

And you know what? It really upset me to see how obviously happy I was back then. Like, really, legitimately, not-worried-about-anything-in-the-back-of-my-mind happy. Here’s a few:

See what I mean? (And no, I’m not drunk in ALL of these pictures.) I look at pictures that have been taken recently, and there’s just something that’s different. Sure, I’ve gained weight, but that’s not it. There’s just something missing in recent pictures that shows up here.

And that really makes me sad 😦

Currently loving: Pedicure with coworker today (baby pink!), crossing stuff off my to-do list, Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes (foodgasm warning)


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