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Sidelined :( September 24, 2010

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I told my sister about my shin splints (she graduated with a degree in exercise science, and is currently training at a physical therapy clinic) last night. They KILLED me yesterday, even after icing. Like, if I took a step too hard, it felt like it would just reverberate up and down my calf/shin. No bueno.

This morning, she said she’d thought about it overnight, and that I really need to stop running for right now. And by “running,” she meant “any activity with impact.”

On top of that, I’m having shoulder issues (trying to rehab an old rotator cuff injury), and a cyst developed underneath my thumb joint on the inside of my left wrist … so we’re trying to get that to go away by having my dad adjust the wrist, elbow and thumb.

That being said, these are the things I can’t do at the gym right now:

  • Run
  • Walk
  • Stairmaster
  • Weighted lifting for legs (body weight exercises only)
  • Lifting for arms/back/shoulders that requires rotation of my shoulder
  • Anything that puts pressure on my left wrist (including cycling, yoga and Pilates)

As you can imagine, that makes crosstraining difficult when I’m working out 5-6 days a week. So, I might actually hit the pool a few times.

I’m a pretty decent swimmer, and have done laps occasionally in the past just to shake things up. I was actually swimming a lot in high school, after I tore up the ligaments in my ankle and was trying to rehab it (it still clicks to this day). See, the water reduces the pressure on joints, but provides a decent amount of resistance. It’ll probably be good for my shoulder, too.

But, I dislike sharing lanes with people in the pool, and the whole “my hair is sopping wet so am I do I shower here or drive home with a wet swimsuit riding up my ass” conundrum. AND I have to find a one-piece swimsuit because I don’t think I can do laps in a two-piece. And that’s just going to be ugly.

Any other suggestions? I have exercise ADD, so this is going to make things pretty tough :-\

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2 Responses to “Sidelined :(”

  1. Randi Says:

    Girl, get better shoes!! I had horrible shin splits until I bucked up and started going to the Track Shack and other running spots to get fitted. Since then, I have done marathons, triathlons, etc., without a problem. Also, don’t build up mileage too much. That can also be a culprit …

    • lexd Says:

      You’re right, I keep trying to avoid sticker shock. But, if I’m going to be running more and more, it’s going to be worth the cost (FOR SURE). I think there’s a store like TrackShack up here, where they will watch me run and provide suggestions for shoes. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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