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I’m so excited … I’m so … SCARED! November 1, 2010

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The title of this post really doesn’t have much to do with the content. I just had to channel my inner Jesse Spano for a minute.

I haven’t been writing about exercise or anything along those lines lately. Mostly because I’ve been plagued with injuries, and for some reason it’s hard to get motivated about working out when I know I’m going to get a serious workout working at the bar. Being on your feet for 5-8 hours + lifting obscenely heavy plates = a solid workout, in my book. No WONDER I always lose weight when I start serving again.

That being said, I must have really aged (and gotten out of shape) in the four years since I last served. My body is having a really hard time adjusting. My feet no longer cry and tingle all the time, but I’ve been experiencing some massive shoulder and upper back problems (I popped a rib head out while expoing on Friday!).

I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I’ve had really bad shoulders since high school, thanks to years of volleyball. I was built like a tank, but my rotator cuffs have apparently just had enough. This is problematic for a lot of reasons … MOSTLY THAT YOU USE YOUR SHOULDERS FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. For me, it’s along the lines of bruising your tailbone. You don’t think that it’ll be a problem until you try and move.

Anyway, so that pretty much cuts out yoga and Pilates for the time being … until tomorrow.

See, I met with a friend of mine from college on Friday for lunch (Seattle sushi = yum), who really got into working out (and running) once she graduated. She’s lost 50 pounds since then, and looks and feels amazing. She is shooting at running the Rock ‘n Roll half next year (as am I), so we talked a little bit about it. She said she builds her miles using the “Couch to XX” method.

As you can imagine, hearing this got me fired up all over again. I’m tired of not running, dammit. I don’t want to run the half any less, but I am so off of my training schedule. So, as soon as I kick this nasty bug I got (… tomorrow … positive thoughts), I’m back on the treadmill. No outdoor running until I can afford some better shoes, either. No more shin splints for this girl!

And, after reading about Caitlin’s marathon experience this weekend (which she partially attributed to an increase in her yoga practice), I want to get back on the yoga bandwagon. A friend of mine regularly hits up a Bikram class here in town, and I’d love to join her. I think as long as I let the instructor know about my shoulders ahead of time, I should probably be okay … and follow the “if it hurts in a bad way, STOP DOING IT” rule of thumb.

So, I guess I’m just excited. Not scared 🙂

Currently loving: The Seattle rain (there, I said it), having clean flannel sheets (in the dryer right now, HOORAY), and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

image: BustedTees, their shirts make SUCH good gifts


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