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2,190 days November 13, 2010

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That’s how many days I’ve referred to BF as just that — my boyfriend. As is wont to happen, I’d sworn off boys and dating entirely after a really rough freshman year. I was committed to slowing down on the drinking and partying, focusing on having a great time with my friends, and no longer measuring my self worth by how many guys hit on me.

Actually, I just had a lot of rage towards guys in general, so the first month or so of my sophomore year always started like that Dane Cook act (“Screw guys tonight, I just want to dance!”).

And then BF and I found ourselves jointly trying to manage our wasted friends who were all trying to hook up with each other, on a night where we were both sober and had tests the next day. At one point, we just gave up on our unruly friends and chatted together on a couch for a few hours. He was the one guy in his fraternity I’d never hung out with before, and he’d avoided me like the plague — I was one of “those drunk freshman girls” the year before, and he wanted nothing to do with me.

Little did he know 😀

Today, we’re celebrating six years together. It sounds like a hell of a long time (and really it is). But, when you start dating at the age of 19 (in my case) and 20 (in his case), things change so much that it doesn’t feel that long. Both he and I are different people than we were when we started dating, but we’ve somehow managed to grow up together. We’re pretty different people (to be honest, our mutual friends gave us three months before we broke up … TAKE THAT), but we manage to complement each other. That’s not to say we’re not still working on things, both individually and as a pair.

But, thinking about the last 2,000+ days (and looking through old pictures … WOW), we’ve been through a lot, including three bouts of cross-country long distance and one across the Atlantic. I even flew to London to see him (also to see London … but I also spent half the week in the English countryside with him on an Air Force base).

To celebrate, I bought him an awesome beer stein (it says “Those who drink beer go to heaven” in German), and he sent me 2 dozen roses, a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE NOM NOM NOM) and a chocolate/caramel covered apple (which seems to be MIA right now).

And I’m giddy 😀

Currently loving (again, besides the obvious): Modest Mouse, the Donnie Darko soundtrack, a t-shirt/scarf combo paired with jeans and flats. Seems to be my new uniform 😉


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