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Bah … humbug? December 2, 2010

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It’s starting to freak me out … I cannot seem to get into the holiday swing of things. What’s even worse:

It doesn’t feel like I even WANT to.

I know I’ve mentioned umpteen times that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, and I sort of think I got burned out after that. After all, I was hungover and still managed to cook for 6 hours that day.

I’ve already crossed two gifts off my list (Mom_D and Dad_D), and after some time on the Interwebs, I picked out what I am buying brother and sister. I’ll probably get a ridiculous sweater for my dog. And, BF and I are limiting ourselves to a “$50 budget” this year. (I put that in quotes, because odds are we’ll both spend more than that … we always do. But I’m seriously limiting myself to ~75. Seriously.)

I don’t particularly want to listen to holiday music. I have no desire to put up decorations. I sort of want to send Christmas cards, but at age 25, the majority of your friends are nomadic and the thought of trying to get everyone’s mailing addresses intimidates me into lethargy. The thought of (more) snow just kind of pisses me off. The kicker: I don’t even feel like doing holiday arts and crafts.

This upsets me, because while I loathe being forced into an early Christmas celebration,  I really do enjoy the holiday season (most years). I can’t figure out what my problem is. And, it’s the 2nd of the month already! There are only 23 days left for me to get my ass in gear … and then it’s another ~340 days before I can get excited again.

Possible causes I’ve come up with so far:

  • I’m just busy. Between 2 jobs, maintaining a workout schedule and everything else, holiday stuff just sort of seems like a chore.
  • I have become inexcusably frugal, and I’ve started to hate the idea of carrying around a lot of “stuff.” That being said, the idea of dropping a ton of cash on said “stuff” is kind of silly to me.
  • My brother and sister really really really really like to celebrate Christmas early. I may or may not have been put off by their enthusiasm last month … and that default state of mind is carrying over into December.
  • Holiday traffic/shoppers make going anywhere an epic pain in the @$$. This has the tendency to make me frustrated.
  • I miss BF, and am in a transitional living state after having my own home for three years, which I was free to decorate (or not decorate) as I pleased.

Anyone else feeling this way this year, or am I just Scrooge right now? I got a little taste of joy yesterday buying gifts for Mom_D and Dad_D, but it fizzled pretty quick :-\

Ninja Edit: After some thought, I realized that I initially wrote this post in a very negative light. I changed some words around, because I don’t mean to be negative. I’ve been happier in the last few months (particularly in the last few weeks) than I’ve been in a really long time … my friend even told me to cut it out the other day, I was creeping him out so much. So, I’m not angry. Just frustrated as to why the holiday spirit seems to be eluding me this year!

Currently loving: Flannel (I can’t help it), reading men’s fashion blogs (SO much insight), leggings. I cannot wear enough leggings right now.

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