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Blogging resolution, part deux (or trois? probably quatre) January 4, 2013

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New year, new strategy: No post length goal, no post length limit. NO THOUGHT IS TOO SHORT JUST TYPE IT IN. Also, no picture requirement. That always got very stressful for me, finding the perfect picture. NO MAS

Some “quick” thoughts:

a) I can’t get enough of reaction gifs, particularly My Friends are Married and What Should We Call Me; please expect more of them.

b) I know, I know, high school called but I just rediscovered Daft Punk (the Tron soundtrack …)

c) My ADD is so bad. I just backtracked through my actions and train of thought stemming from a work-related inquiry:

  • “Hmm I wonder why X company’s cloud exec share of voice is so low in 2012? I wonder if it’s because of their push for X [non-cloud] product? Let’s go ask Google News”
  • Click to Google, move mouse to “News” but see “Mail” and think “ooh I haven’t checked mail today, let’s do that really quick”
  • Click “Mail”
  • Delete a bunch of junkmail, look at ads from Sephora, JCrew and Ann Taylor
  • Think about the awesome BCBG sweater I’m wearing that I scored from Ross for $24, originally $220
  • Feel smug
  • “Hmm I need to get more pieces like this, it’ll last me forever”
  • “I wonder what Reddit’s Female Fashion Advice has been doing lately”
  • Click to Reddit, scroll through first 75 items on frontpage, click through 17 links before hitting one from r/ffa and remembering why I was there in the first place
  • Click through to r/ffa, see a post about the French Wardrobe Building strategy
  • “This is perfect, I need 3-5 new items for spring/summer this year anyway, what is everyone else getting?”
  • Halfway through the first comment I drift back to my other screen, see my research up, snap back to work


In other news, we’re signing the contract for the wedding venue this weekend and sending it with the deposit next week. I’m getting married! 😉 The pressure to go dress shopping has already begun. I’d like to drop 15 pounds first. We’ll see what happens.

Still love my job and my coworkers.

Hate my apartment, ready to move.

Maybe depressed? Sometimes I just cry and it’s debilitating. Mostly kept private at this point. Trying to communicate more effectively with fiance, but having been unemployed for six months, he’s dealing with his own insecurities. I just keep telling myself this seems acute right now, but we’ll look back on this shitty apartment in a noisy building in the city and laugh later in life when we’re in our comfortable home. 6 months is already a drop in the bucket when compared to our 8 years together.

More and more I want a second dog. Mini-dog may not appreciate this and discussion with fiance is tabled for after wedding. Neither of them is aware I’m serious about this.

Secretly I’m terrified nobody will have a good time at our wedding and people will think it’s tacky. I know “it’s not important” but it is. It’s a getaway weekend for our guests, not just a 3-hour deal they have to show up for. Also terrified about selecting a photographer. I am unable to look at portfolios for more than 10 minutes without getting weepy and :3

Back at it.

3 things I’m loving: This guy — he is a mad scientist with food (MIT-trained, steak/burger loving); this surprised red panda; Telltale Games’s “The Walking Dead.” Absolutely incredible gift from fiance, tiding me over until TWD comes back on air


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