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Booze? What booze? January 9, 2013

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not — I’ve only told a couple of people — but fiance and I are living the dry lifestyle right now for a pretty wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Kickstart wedding weight loss!
  • Detox after holidays (which I apparently needed, it took 5 days of not drinking to feel normal)
  • Save money
  • Family/personal history of alcohol reliance for both of us

Even during the Seahawks crazy victory against the Redskins on Sunday, we were sober in solidarity. If you don’t drink a lot, this may sound pretty simple, but alcohol has been a very prevalent part of our lives since we met (VERY prevalent, a dry weekend was incredibly rare and only happened 1x/6 months or so). I don’t mean to imply I/we abused alcohol, but it became such a part of our routine that I began to feel uncomfortable.

Like I said, it took about five days to feel normal and I don’t know if I’m fighting something or just reacting to stress at work, but I was ready for bed at 9 pm last night.

I might write another post about resolutions later (I rarely decide on goals for the year until the end of January), but this is a huge scary step. It’s not that we’re never drinking again, but it’s more (for me) about taking control of a destructive habit and being able to experience something in a way that is productive and enjoyable, instead of drinking a glass (or 2) of wine every night just because. The goal (for me) is that instead of defaulting to the 1-2 glasses of wine or splitting a 6-pack with the fiance, I’ll make an active choice to engage in that activity.

There will be obvious exceptions … we love to drink, and learn and talk about alcohol. The Washington Beer Lover’s Association events are things that we love to go to (BelgianFest in February!), and a long afternoon wine tasting with friends at the wineries in Woodinville is a phenomenal way to spend a day. But, I’m moving toward a more thoughtful and intentional participation in these activities.


Currently loving: MyFitnessPal (you have to make the decision to be honest with yourself, but it’s fantastic for keeping track of calories and workouts, no excuses for “I don’t know why I’m not losing weight.” If you’re on there and you want a friend, look me up! adowney23), this gif of a baby panda, and this wedding dress (I don’t know if I could pull it off but WANT. Full site for this dress/collection)


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