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For me, the best gifts are the most practical January 28, 2013

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Everything the title of this post says, says it all. Last night was officially the last day of my birthday spree (starting last Wednesday on my ACTUAL birthday), and every gift I got is incredibly practical — they either immediately positively impacted my life for the better, or are in the process of doing so. For that reason, I am more excited about gifts this year than I am at most gifty times of year (where sometimes it ends up being “I’m super grateful, but where am I going to put this XYZ?”). This year’s haul:

  • Clarisonic Mia (I USED IT THIS MORNING AND IT WAS AN AMAZING, FOAMY CLEANSING EXPERIENCE. Seriously, my dad is 53, uses one and has better skin than I did at the age of 5)
  • This top, so cozy, and this headband (in coral! I die) from Lucy
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Flowers (it can be argued these aren’t practical. For me, they are. They brighten up my living space and have a shelf life)
  • Super sexy muffin tin from Sur La Table … with which I’ve already made these and plan to make these as soon as I get some cartoned egg whites, I hate wasting yolks and you can only make so much key lime pie or lemon curd with extra yolks
  • Sexy chocolate, chocolate-covered straberries, chocolate/almond pastry from Le Panier
  • Bottle of wine
  • Seafood feast (this is not an overstatement. At-home feast of Dungeness crab, peel-and-eat shrimp, clams, handmade andouille sausage, with crunchy bread and a salad. And the aforementioned wine …)

Beyond the stuff I scored, 28 was a pretty phenomenal birthday. Also I got a card from my coworkers with a lot of nice words and a singing mustache, so there’s also that 😉 Hope the last couple weeks have been fun for all.

Currently loving: Please see the birthday list above, there’s a ton I love there! Also, this album, which can be found on Spotify, has been mixed with the Tron soundtrack for a pretty stellar desk-job workday music experience.


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