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Getting back on the rails March 3, 2013

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There is so much going on right now that I almost can’t process it, and every day I find myself desperately searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, both at work and at home. Usually I find one half of my life is less stressful than the other, and I take that opportunity to slow down a bit and drink a glass of wine. Or have a beer. (Thank goodness these things are acceptable at work.) “Me time” comes in the form of gym visits, Sunday night TV or The Mindy Project, or reading on the bus.

Unfortunately all of these things have gone to hell, between dress shopping, finding vendors, packing to move, and trying to figure out a new schedule for everyone with fiance having started his new job (YAY!). My workload at work is peaking right now (at least I certainly hope so), hence being online on a Sunday. It’ll calm down by EOD Wed (again, I hope so) but it’s just one of those times in public relations where everything lands at once for everyone. On the up side, I’m getting great visibility with some of our bosses on both the agency and client side. Executing the next 48 hours is going to be a hell of a ride. I plan to be in bed at about 9:30 tonight.

Now that the bitch session is over, I do want to emphasize that all of these things are in fact steps toward huge positives in my life, and things I’ve been working toward for a while:

  • Dress shopping: Haha, just getting it done. It’s a cliche, but there was one dress, that when the salesperson put a veil on me while I was wearing it, I cried (not “one solitary tear” cry but like “this girl is crying, get her a handful of tissue” cry). The catch is, it’s $250 above my top-line budget, and $450 above my ideal budget, not including alterations. The good news is, there’s an alternate with a different neckline. Now that I’ve found pictures, I’m crying again. This is why I haven’t gone back to seal the deal. EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY FTW
  • Wedding planning: It’s just a matter of getting everyone’s calendars booked at the moment, including a meeting on-site with the venue in Oregon. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but between moving and fiance now working most Saturdays, working out the details here has been challenging. I think we landed on a date yesterday, though, and I can stop trying to micromanage this. We also outsourced engagement dinner planning to my awesome future mother-in-law, so crossing that off my list.
  • Moving: Seriously, I am so excited to get out of this miniature apartment in the city and get somewhere that is bigger, more open, carpeted, has two bedrooms AND two bathrooms (!!!), a dishwasher, an in-unit regular size washer/dryer and parking. I … just … I can’t even put it into words. This whole packing thing still sucks though. I was hoping it had changed, but no dice.
  • Workload: I was kind of hoping for a promotion this year — looks like that’s still the goal for next year. (This isn’t to say my company doesn’t take good care of me or anything along those lines, please don’t read it that way because it is NOT TRUE.) I’m working to broaden my exposure across the team (esp. with Director/Manager/VP titles) and own more announcements, events and projects. Still focusing on learning and growing, and I just take this stress as a growing pain right now 🙂

The final issue: Diet/exercise. I’ve lapsed back into stress-eating and that end-of-day glass of wine (which is fine, just not every day of the week). That bonus cushion I earned being sick is gone. I’m usually so beat at the end of the day that I can’t even fathom the idea of going back to the gym, especially since my triumphant return post-sickness was a brutal workout. I lost weight, but I also lost SERIOUS gains. What used to be my warm-up weight for dumbbell bench presses was almost too much to get through as the main event. And don’t even get me started on my cardio endurance.

Anyway, I made these cute little breakfast quiche things for fiance and I to take through the week (still have to figure out calories, but 1 or 2 plus a greek yogurt or banana with peanut butter ought to do the trick). I’m also going back to pre-making lunch for the week, as going out every day isn’t doing great things for my wallet or my waistline. And, made an appointment with sister to do my first barre class tomorrow after work! (Bonus: This will make sure I get my ass out out the door on time.) Also looking forward to later in the month: Fiance bought me BioShock Infinite (and flowers and chocolate and my favorite wine!!!) the other night, the new SimCity comes out next week and Game of Thrones starts 3/31. Always looking forward 🙂

Phew. Back to work 🙂


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