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Update: Mid-wedding, post-move, forever workout May 4, 2013

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There is just an incredible amount going on. Before I get into that, I’d like to just point out how much more quickly time moves now as opposed to how it moved when I was a kid. I’ve read a bunch of articles on how as you get older, each year is a smaller fraction of your life, so it seems to move more quickly … I’m kind of worried about how fast things will move when I get even older.

The long and short is, I’m pretty much enjoying life right now. We moved (YAY) and while I know both Fiance and I are missing the quick 10-minute bus ride to downtown Seattle (Pike Place, Westlake, Pacific Place, the stadiums, etc.) there’s something that is super appealing about suburbia right now. While we live damn near on the freeway, we’re protected from road noise, our patio faces an incredible greenbelt (so many bluejays alighted on our patio today!), and we always have parking. We’re 5 minutes away from Woodinville wine country, and about 10 minutes away from great breweries and a Wal-Mart. Also, in a new home with more space that I actually like, I’m more invested in keeping it clean. It feels livable, it feels more like home instead of a place where our stuff is.

The wedding is finally coming along. Booking vendors, getting things established. And boy, it is exhausting. We spent last weekend with my parents at the venue/doing vendor meetings and it actually took me two days to catch up on sleep. The honeymoon is booked (Aruba!), the menu’s decided, the dress is bought, the florist is booked and the photographer and DJ are in the process. Once we have us a cake and an officiant, we’re good to go! (Minus the 1,000,000 little decisions we still have to make …)

Work is good/work is stressful. PR is a serious balance. When it’s good, when I’m doing well and feeling good, with time to get all the stuff done I need to — MAN is it good. I love this job. I’m getting to work with both exec VPs and senior VPs directly on projects (unheard of for an AAE), as well as mentor another individual at our agency, and manage our peer group in addition to my normal campaign work. I feel needed. I feel valuable. I feel like I’m effective at what I do. The dark side: When things get stressful and I don’t have time to do anything but address/stave off crises … that’s a bad time. I’m quickly discovering this is often the case with executive comms programs: Things may seem okay for a few days, but go to hell in a handbasket very quickly.

At the risk of sounding like some Susan Powter-esque mouthpiece, I love working out. I love working out. I know when I’m grouchy, it’s probably because I haven’t been to the gym. The wedding is an easy excuse.

I suppose I should be more specific. I love lifting weights. I detest cardio, I get too bored too quickly. Same goes for yoga. In order to create a well-balanced workout routine, I’ve restarted the couch-to-5k program and even downloaded the app … literally I just do what the app says I need to do on the treadmill, while listening to music. It’s awesome. And, I downloaded some 20- and 30-min sessions off of YogaDownload.com and even did one today. I suppose my viewpoint on it is, if I’m going to do the fun stuff (lift super freaking heavy, 5-6 reps), I have to make sure I have the cardio and yoga in place to balance everything out. PS: Deadlifts. I’m finally doing them AND IT IS AWESOME. Talk about empowerment at the gym! SWOLE SISTER STATUS


Same for diet. I’ve shifted to about 1,600 cals a day (though I don’t always calculate) … lots of fruit, veggies, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs and hummus for the first two meals, and a healthy/normal meal for dinner (Fiance needs more cals).

Anyway, enough rambling, just thought it was overdue.

Currently loving: This recipe, though I only use about 1-1.5 T peanut butter and I omit the honey; this Macklemore song, video filmed all over western Washington! This song is straight sick; dresses (sheath, maxi, wrap, jersey … I have a “dress lust” list about a mile long from various retailers)



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