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Confession … and it’s not a positive one January 8, 2013

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I apologize in advance for the negative tone of this post. I’ve made an active effort over the past 12-16 months to really eliminate the snarky, tempermental, complaint-type posts from my Twitter feed, Facebook and other places of record. It’s the first step I’m taking to trying to slow/stop these thoughts in the first place, and it’s been way harder than I expected.

That said, some things just need to be said.

I very much dislike strappy sandals with clunky heels in the workplace. Not sorry.

I need to caveat this with the following:

  • I HATE feet. I have an anti-foot fetish, if there is something like that. Keep them away from me. I don’t want to touch anyone else’s, I hardly even want to touch my own. 
  • I am the type who compulsively wears pearls everywhere (even to the gym, I’m sorry), and while my workplace attire can sometimes be relaxed, it’s close-toed shoes all the way. I hardly ever wear peep toes, much less anything else along those lines.

So, they’re not my style. Do I judge those who decide to wear them? If you work them and they work with your outfit, of course not! If your toes look nasty and they look like a rough add-on … yes. They didn’t look good when we were headed to prom in high school (early 2000s) and I just don’t think they look good now.

I don’t know why I’ve never told anyone this before. I know I don’t want people to think I judge them, as I try not to be judgmental of others. This is just one of those things that sticks in my craw! I figured I might as well try and come to peace with it instead of stifling the little voice in my head that screams every time I see these shoes recommended on a fashion blog.

It feels strangely good to get that off my chest. Back to positivism!

Currently loving: This mug from anthropologie one of my supervisors got for me for Christmas (I was also thrilled to see it all over  Pinterest after I’d already received it … THAT NEVER HAPPENS), dystopian novels (this list from Healthy Tipping Point is a great starting point) and the Seahawks. Not to be a frothing-mouth fan, but DAT GAME on Sunday. (Well, the second half, at least.)


Blogging resolution, part deux (or trois? probably quatre) January 4, 2013

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New year, new strategy: No post length goal, no post length limit. NO THOUGHT IS TOO SHORT JUST TYPE IT IN. Also, no picture requirement. That always got very stressful for me, finding the perfect picture. NO MAS

Some “quick” thoughts:

a) I can’t get enough of reaction gifs, particularly My Friends are Married and What Should We Call Me; please expect more of them.

b) I know, I know, high school called but I just rediscovered Daft Punk (the Tron soundtrack …)

c) My ADD is so bad. I just backtracked through my actions and train of thought stemming from a work-related inquiry:

  • “Hmm I wonder why X company’s cloud exec share of voice is so low in 2012? I wonder if it’s because of their push for X [non-cloud] product? Let’s go ask Google News”
  • Click to Google, move mouse to “News” but see “Mail” and think “ooh I haven’t checked mail today, let’s do that really quick”
  • Click “Mail”
  • Delete a bunch of junkmail, look at ads from Sephora, JCrew and Ann Taylor
  • Think about the awesome BCBG sweater I’m wearing that I scored from Ross for $24, originally $220
  • Feel smug
  • “Hmm I need to get more pieces like this, it’ll last me forever”
  • “I wonder what Reddit’s Female Fashion Advice has been doing lately”
  • Click to Reddit, scroll through first 75 items on frontpage, click through 17 links before hitting one from r/ffa and remembering why I was there in the first place
  • Click through to r/ffa, see a post about the French Wardrobe Building strategy
  • “This is perfect, I need 3-5 new items for spring/summer this year anyway, what is everyone else getting?”
  • Halfway through the first comment I drift back to my other screen, see my research up, snap back to work


In other news, we’re signing the contract for the wedding venue this weekend and sending it with the deposit next week. I’m getting married! 😉 The pressure to go dress shopping has already begun. I’d like to drop 15 pounds first. We’ll see what happens.

Still love my job and my coworkers.

Hate my apartment, ready to move.

Maybe depressed? Sometimes I just cry and it’s debilitating. Mostly kept private at this point. Trying to communicate more effectively with fiance, but having been unemployed for six months, he’s dealing with his own insecurities. I just keep telling myself this seems acute right now, but we’ll look back on this shitty apartment in a noisy building in the city and laugh later in life when we’re in our comfortable home. 6 months is already a drop in the bucket when compared to our 8 years together.

More and more I want a second dog. Mini-dog may not appreciate this and discussion with fiance is tabled for after wedding. Neither of them is aware I’m serious about this.

Secretly I’m terrified nobody will have a good time at our wedding and people will think it’s tacky. I know “it’s not important” but it is. It’s a getaway weekend for our guests, not just a 3-hour deal they have to show up for. Also terrified about selecting a photographer. I am unable to look at portfolios for more than 10 minutes without getting weepy and :3

Back at it.

3 things I’m loving: This guy — he is a mad scientist with food (MIT-trained, steak/burger loving); this surprised red panda; Telltale Games’s “The Walking Dead.” Absolutely incredible gift from fiance, tiding me over until TWD comes back on air


Being hungover January 22, 2012

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Admittedly, this title is a little misleading. In no way is this post entirely about being hungover (which I am not … although it sounds like my neighbors upstairs weren’t so lucky).

Instead, I was having a discussion with fiance yesterday (yep, he’s fiance now! :D) about what we miss about college. At first, I was thinking, “oh, I miss just about everything. Only having class a couple hours a day, living with my best friends, partying whenever I wanted, entire classes about case studies (nerd, I know) …” and on and on and on.

Then, I got to thinking. This lifestyle wasn’t terribly fulfilling or rewarding. Seriously, there’s a sort of short-term joy that comes from getting a great grade on a paper you started 8 hours prior to the due date, and drinking with friends spurred some of my greatest memories from college. Hell, I met my fiance there and we managed to get through three years of dating at one of the bigger party schools on the west coast. (We did it in style, in case you’re wondering.)

The answer I came up with? NO.

While it may not always seem like it when I have to get up in the dark at 6 am and commute on buses for nearly 2 hours of my day, or when I am pretty much the sole housekeeper of our apartment, but the lifestyle I lead today is so much more rewarding — personally — than that which I lived in college. Let’s run down the list:

  • Classes a few hours a day: The reality is, I spent a lot of time doing homework. My classes were mostly comms, English and sociology, three of the most reading- and writing- intensive majors at our school. In no way am I trying to say I kept up with all the textbook reading (I think we all know how that is), but I certainly devoted more than 15 hours a week to school. Today? I work between 40-50 hours a week doing something I’m (surprisingly) passionate about, for a company and a team that is very good about respecting work/life balance. I get a shocking amount of time off, and my manager has not only not balked when I ask to take it, but strongly suggested I take more over the holiday break. Win.
  • Living with my best friends. It sounds cliche, but I already live with my best friend. I sincerely hope I never take this for granted, and after all the long distance we’ve done, I don’t think I will. Additionally, I now live within an hour of almost every single one of my best friends. I wish I saw them more, but it’s fascinating to me that when we hang out, it’s pretty clear how we’re all growing up together. Some (most) of these people have either known me for 20+ years, or have seen me in that great limit-expanding college stage, and it blows me away that we’ve gone from just getting absolutely shitty together, to talking about square footage, mortgages, marriage, kids, and more. It sounds dull, but there’s something very special about having these discussions with someone who has grown up with you.
  • Partying whenever I want: Truth be told, I could still party whenever I want. I make enough money to spend money on the sorts of snobby booze that I adore (craft beer and canadian whiskey, oh my), and there’s certainly no shortage of beer festivals and breweries to visit. (My parents actually bought us memberships to the Washington Brewers League for Christmas.) That said, I’ve come to realize that I feel better when I take care of my body. Going out big is fun every once in a while, but with age comes wisdom, and the wisdom I’ve gleaned says I HATE BEING HUNGOVER MORE THAN ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE ON EARTH.
  • Entire classes about case studies: Please get past the point that this is unreasonably nerdy. I read case studies in my spare time, for everything from corporate responsibility to lawsuits to crisis communications. Most are PR-related, some are not. This started in college. It was awesome. That said, part of my responsibility for my job is to OWN the entire evidence function of our team. That means I GET PAID TO READ CASE STUDIES and figure out how to best leverage them. Compete, mission-critical, business intelligence … you name it. I think I shocked my boss with how excited I was to get this opportunity.

College was awesome at the time, but stepping back to look at my life now vs. my life then makes it pretty clear. Live is awesome now, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. That said, the one thing I absolutely do not miss about college? Perpetually being hungover. (See point 3 above, and the title of this post.)

Currently loving: “Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye, Pinterest (if you want an invitation I will send you one), The League


Building (and keeping) healthy momentum September 22, 2011

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I have an exciting announcement: I’m officially heading back into the career world, baby! 

Monday I begin my gig at a PR firm in Bellevue. I’ll be back to normal working hours, regular commute … ROUTINE. After months of not having a regular schedule, I’m looking forward to this. Can you tell?

Also, the firm has been nothing short of amazing so far. I always have all the information I need, and they are extremely prompt about responding. So far, the expectations of me are made very clear (and I’m still excited), and they seem very eager to make sure that I integrate fully (not necessarily quickly, either). While I predict that I’ll be thrown into things pretty fast (we have a huge event mid next month), they estimate it generally takes six months for people to be fully acclimated. I appreciate that … not only because it helps me put a little bit less pressure on myself, but also because it gives me a goal to beat 😉

In celebration, I definitely went out and spent a few hundred dollars on biz/biz-cas clothes that actually fit. I haven’t had to wear a lot of this part of my wardrobe since Florida (we didn’t really dress up at my former PR gig), and losing 25 pounds has definitely impacted the way they fit me. SUCH cute stuff on sale at GAP! Blazers on sale for 60% off. I die.

That brings me to my next point … I’m kind of worried about this. I’m absolutely positive that working at a restaurant has only helped my weight loss. Sort of counter-intuitive, but I’m on my feet for 6-11 hours at a time, carrying SERIOUSLY heavy stacks of plates. It’s not unusual for me to break a sweat at work. In addition to this, I’ve been pretty good about working out (or at least walking … thanks, shin splints). What worries me about this is that I’m going from being on my feet for a good part of each day to being on my seat for a good part of each day. As far as I’m concerned, this is going to impact weight loss and maintenance. I’m pretty happy where I am, and I don’t want to lose all my hard work!

These are the biggest issues for me:

  • As previously stated, going from “pretty active” to “sedentary”
  • I am sometimes good about eating lunch I bring from home, but being in downtown Bellevue means a LOT of temptation for eating out, happy hours, etc.
  • I am a stress eater. While being a server is certainly stressful, I clock out and forget about it. I’ve had issues in the past separating “at work” time from “not at work” time, and I worry this will cause me to eat out of stress, again
  • Figuring out when the heck I am going to work the gym into my regular schedule
So far, these are the answers I’ve figured out to address these:
  • I don’t know that there’s much I can do about this besides make gym-going a priority. Anyone have experience using an exercise ball at their desk instead of a chair? Every little bit helps, right?
  • Invest in materials to make an EXCITING and HEALTHY lunch, and make it the night before (or a big batch of something on Sunday). It may be a little more expensive to stock things like goat cheese, but probably cheaper (both $$ and healthwise) than Chipotle or Boom Noodle 4 days a week, right?
  • Get serious about finding more productive outlets for stress. Whether it’s blogging, yoga (which is offered at our local gym), lifting, reading, video games … anything besides eating. Also, keep tea on hand. It’s always seemed to help, and hopefully I will begin to choose that over a 5th cup of coffee (yeah … I’m up to 4 a day already)
  • I talked to the guy at the gym, and as predicted, the busiest time for the (tiny) space is after work, 5-8. I have no problem with late-night gym trips, but when it’s all crappy out and I’m warm and cozy in my apartment, full from dinner … it’s a tough sell. Looks like I am going to have to bite the bullet and go before I leave for work at 7. To get a full workout in, that means I will have to get up in the neighborhood of 5 am. The good part about this is that BF is a morning work-out person, and so I’ll have a buddy.
I know it’s easier to keep momentum than to build it initially, so this week I’ve been trying to work out more and clean up the eats. That being said, hormones slapped me in the face and I’ve had a rough two days, diet-wise 😦 I went to the gym yesterday (before working 8 hours, awesome idea), and did this “Spring Leg Workout” from Fitnessista about 10 minutes ago. My legs are all wobbly, but it’s a good feeling! I’m also bringing some food to work tonight so I don’t spring for a burrito out of starvation and hormone-charged judgment.
Currently Loving: “LMFAO” station on Pandora for workout music, the clothes I bought on Sunday and Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Started playing it again, and it’s so nostalgic for me 😀

Checklist for Your Mid-Twenties September 6, 2011

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And so ends what has been one of the busiest summers I can remember. I didn’t do a TON of traveling or anything, but it was a good mix of working hard, getting out to relax, and some BIG life changes:

A) BF is here!

B) We’re now in our third month of sharing a 800-sq.-ft. apartment in Lower Queen Anne. I hate parking and I hate traffic, but I am truly unable to express how much I love where we live. I can’t explain how it makes me feel to step outside our building and smell the ocean, hear the trains in the distance, see the sunset on the water. LQA has a great assortment of bars and restaurants, and two major grocery stores and my bank are 3 blocks away. Hipster level: Medium. Fully acceptable.

The view from my neighborhood on a nice day. BOOM


C) I walk or use public transportation to get absolutely everywhere with a Seattle address (this excludes work and parents’ house). If you know me, you know this has been a dream of mine. IT IS AS AWESOME AS I EXPECTED

D) Getting back into baking. The Stand Mixer has a place of serious esteem in our minikitchen … taking up valuable countertop real estate. That being said, I’m making it earn this place. Peach pie, banana bread, zucchini bread, and cookies galore. Good thing I’m walking everywhere …

In other (less cool) news, I hope I’m not the only one who has seen a lot of upheaval in 2011 … and not necessarily the good stuff. While I’ve been pretty lucky, a lot of my friends are facing some pretty challenging situations. I don’t want to get into details, but I’m trying my best to be there for them, and it’s reminding me of the value of friendship … something I’ve sort of been neglecting since we got back from San Diego in June. Resolution: Hang out more with my friends when it isn’t necessary. Working odd hours can make this challenging, but I do miss them.

In closing, check out this 10-item “Checklist for Your Mid-Twenties” that I did not write. While the vocabulary gets a little lofty at times, quite a few of these resonated with me (and, at age 26, I suppose they should, given the title). It may not be off base if you’re a little older, too. It’s kind of shocking sometimes to see the things that you are dealing with explained so succinctly.

Have a great (short) week everyone 🙂

Currently Loving: Those cartons of egg whites at the store … no more wasted yolks!, The Head and the Heart (if you’ve never heard of them, please listen … so chill), and zucchini bread. My parents have more zucchini they can handle … good thing the folks at work seem to like my baking!

Seattle image by dherrera_96


Happy Place April 29, 2011

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So, I keep thinking about the “About” page (ugghhh redundancy) on this website, and I realized how this blog has basically turned into my happy place. For some reason, I find myself posting here when things get pretty crazy, and I usually finish the posts feeling at least a little better.

That being said, currently dealing with the following:

  • A) Long-distance relationships are absolutely awful.
  • B) My beloved car got sideswiped (while I was parked, standing next to it) yesterday. Not driveable … extensive damage. Awaiting info from the insurance companies. Carless.
  • C) BF is moving up here in June (officially). I need to get my ass in gear regarding making money, saving money and finding us a place to live.
So, anxiety is pretty high. That being said, there are a few things that are managing to make me happy right now:
  • Looking into getting a wheelchair for my dog. I’m not sure how he’ll take to it, but it will be exciting if he does well with one. He’s still peppy and active, and it’s hard to watch him struggle to get around (when he’s clearly capable and desires to do so). If you have a corgi, like corgis or want to know more, check out Corgi Aid. Potentially one of the most responsive organizations I’ve worked with in a while! It took the rep about 2 minutes to respond to my initial email.
  • Two words: ROYAL WEDDING. I thought I was above getting excited about it, but I happened to be flipping channels today, saw some coverage on E! News, and was hooked. Everyone’s talking about the dress (rightfully so, gorgeous), but the first thing I thought is that Kate Middleton has a beautiful smile. How happy did she look? It made me happy just to watch. If you want the down-and-dirty, may I suggest The Wedinator’s coverage. And, not just because my friend works there, either 🙂
  • Nobody was hurt in the accident, thank goodness. Also, my friend who witnessed the crash CHASED THE CAR DOWN THE ROAD ON FOOT after it didn’t stop post-accident.
  • I am carless, but I am fortunate to have some of the best friends, coworkers and family in the world. There has been no lack of outpouring of support … people offering rides, legal advice, etc.
And, finally, my attempt to find a silver lining in getting hit: That damn dent that I got a week after I bought my car (the only blemish on my vehicle) was on the side that got messed up.
And, although this entire post is kind of “currently loving”, I feel I should do a breakdown anyway:
Currently Loving: The royal wedding (duh), spray tans (!!!), THESE sandals in black (zomg so cute, must have)
image is mine, taken while waiting for the police to arrive. unfortunately, that’s only one view — the other driver collided with the passenger side of my parked car and then scraped all the way along the vehicle. i am nervous to hear the damage estimate. i love that car so much. please send me good thoughts and mojo.

How Do You Slow Down? April 9, 2011

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While I’m actually somewhat of a homebody (and I can be obscenely lazy when the mood strikes), I’ve spent the last few months in a whirlwind of activity — particularly after my corporate stint ended. I’m not sure if it’s because my less-than-traditional schedule makes me a little neurotic about what I do with my time or what, but I’ve pretty much been working every single day (even if it’s just a lunch shift). I picked up some shifts at my dad’s office to help him out this last week, which meant I worked from 6:45 am to 2 pm, came home for a power nap and then worked from 3 or 4 to 1 or 2 am. Earlier this week I had to decide between eating or sleeping.

While this week has been a pretty extreme example of how busy I’ve been, it’s fair to say that I usually don’t have a lot of unscheduled time during my days. Even if it’s social time spent hanging out with friends, I haven’t been home lately … at all.

That being said, I had ALL DAY yesterday off, and don’t work until 4:30 this afternoon. When I woke up yesterday morning, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I’d deep-cleaned my room already this week, cleaned our bathroom, done everything with my taxes except actually PAY them, painted my nails, donated clothes to Goodwill … all of the normal errand-type stuff I usually do was taken care of. Still, it took a good couple hours Friday morning for me to come to terms with the fact that I didn’t have any plans for the day. To further cope, I actually slept for most of the day in front of VH1’s “Top 100 Rock Songs.”

That’s right, I actually slept away my day off. I imagine it was a combination of the following:

  • Feeling less-than-awesome after a night of wine tasting, karaoke and miscellaneous cocktails
  • Legitimately needed to catch up on sleep
  • Anxiety at not having plans. Sleep made the day go by faster.

While the first two are acceptable, the last bullet makes me a little worried. I always considered myself sort of a workaholic, but sleeping away my days off doesn’t really sound like the Lex I thought I knew.

On a slightly related note, I am considering picking up a second serving job at a wine bar in a nearby town. Currently weighing the pros and the cons. Because clearly I need something else on my plate.

Anyway, I guess the point I’m dawdling around here is my inability to be okay with slowing down — even for just 36 hours. Anyone have any coping mechanisms, or am I alone in being this way? I’m okay with being slightly Type A, but this just strikes me as silly.

Currently loving: The Yankees rising to the challenge and putting the Red Sox back where they belong, “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit, dark chocolate with sea salt 😀

image by dannysullivan