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Long overdue March 26, 2010

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March has been — hands down — the busiest month I’ve had since last summer. Between moving apartments, going back to brunette, family visiting and shit hitting the fan at work in general … I’ve almost been afraid to blog. There are no filters to catch the crazy that would have undoubtedly poured from my fingertips.

The worst part about March? I haven’t had a real gym to go to for a couple weeks now. So, I feel fatter and haven’t had good stress outlets. Yes, I went to Chamberlain’s this week and spent $40 on things I didn’t really need. Yes, I ate the SHIT out of some trail mix (raw pepitas, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds and organic raisins. MAGIC). Now that I’ve identified my coping strategies, I need to figure out how to squash them.

But, saving that for next month. Tonight I’m going out for wings and beer with coworkers. 🙂

I went dark(er) brunette again. This time there’s some red in it, and I LOVE it. I’ve gotten more compliments on this hair color than I ever have before. It’s a keeper for now. And now that I’m starting to get tan (after 7 hours in the sun last weekend), it looks even better. I think it even makes my freckles look better.

Speaking of looks, BF unearthed a pile of college pictures that included several of him drunk in the back of a uhaul, and then yours truly.

Seriously, I was pretty hot in college. My hair was this great twinkly blonde-brown shade, I was SUPER tan, and skinnier than I was now. I was surprised when I saw those pictures.

I realize that that look was supported by some pretty bad habits: Binge drinking and not eating because I was hungover and mayjah time in a tanning bed. I am not awful looking now, but it was kind of a blow to my self-esteem. I know I’m taking better care of myself now, but it’s frustrating to not look as good now as I did then. Not sure how to handle this yet.

My sister came to visit, and together we redefined “hot mess” with the help of the Orlando Beer Festival and Cowboys bar. Also, I ate 40 wings at Gators on Monday. Worst. Indigestion. Ever.

I’ve been running 5Ks on the treadmill, and I actually managed to beat my PR. Exciting! It’s odd how sometimes you perform way better after taking some time off from exercise. Maybe this will motivate me to sign up for some races in the near future. And maybe even bring BF along … (when hell freezes over, probably)

The sun is coming out, and so are my freckles. I spent some time outside this weekend and my nose is fully freckled. I had some guy at the Beer Festival ask me if I was Irish. I’m thinking it’s the new hair and the freckles … and the sweet burn I got on the back of my neck. FML. I wanted to respond, “Yes, now shut up and pour me a beer.”

On that note, I should be back in the blogging saddle. We’re hitting up a Yankees spring training game in Tampa tomorrow, and then fully cleaning the old apartment on Sunday (boo). Looking forward to the end of March … but I swear I will kill anyone who plays an April Fool’s joke on me.

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