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Morning Routines June 16, 2010

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I’ve mentioned this before with cooking, but in the mornings, I have a routine. It is pretty specific, and it can throw me off if I do anything differently. My excuse is that I’m not really awake enough to adapt to change that early, and a routine ensures I’m not forgetting important things like breakfast, my cell phone, or pants.

My alarm goes off at 7, and I either get up within a few minutes of that going off (if BF is still in bed, so I can steal the shower first) or sleep in until about 7:20 (if he has to open at work, he leaves at about 7). Post-shower, I can actually be ready to go in about 15 minutes, so after that I mosey to the kitchen to make breakfast or lunch (or just grab the two if I’ve made them both the night before). These go into my gym bag, so I know if I’m leaving without my purse and one extra bag … I’ve missed something big.

I usually pack my gym bag the night before, because it’s pretty awful to forget socks or a sports bra and have to go ALL the way home to get them. I am forgetful in the morning, so I’ve found pre-packing is a better method for success.

I usually get to work about 10-15 minutes early, and I take this time to get settled and quickly scan my Google Reader and Reddit. The office is usually really quiet until 8:30, so it’s nice to spend some time by myself, drinking tea and catching up on Interwebs hilarity.

After the tea is drained (and usually after I send out a daily report for one of our clients due by 10 a.m.), I mosey on down to the coffee machine to see if there’s any left for yours truly. See, I’m not supposed to drink coffee every day (probably not at all, but COME ON). So, I figure that if there’s actually any left in the pot at that point, it’s meant to be and I can drink it 🙂

After that, my day is usually a mishmash of 1,000 different things, different clients, different assignments, brainstorms, conference calls, editing, webinars and just flat out locking myself in my office to bang out some articles and press releases. To be completely honest, rarely do I have one day that is the same as the one before it (I think this is common in PR) … can you blame me for being attached to my morning routine? 🙂

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Smoothie recipe January 28, 2010

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If you’ve never thought about doing a bev for breakfast, I highly recommend it. My parents have been doing it for about 10 years. I used to poo-poo it, because I was one of those people who wasn’t ever hungry in the morning (and my logic was, if I’m not hungry, why eat?). Word on the street is, it’s not good to not eat breakfast. And, just cereal doesn’t do you all that much good without some protein.

I’m too lazy to cook eggs every morning (my cholesterol is thanking me, I’m sure), and I got that neato blender for Christmas, so I started 2010 with breakfast smoothies … and haven’t looked back. Seriously, they don’t have to taste like shit. I’m still working on finding a protein powder I like (trying to stay away from soy/dairy/wheat) … and that is going to take forever because you can’t buy trial-size containers.

I usually make mine the night before — partially because BF hates the sound of the blender at 7:15 a.m., and partially because it just streamlines my morning. I blend it up, leave it in the fridge, and walk out the front door with it, no hassle.

Breakfast Smoothie

1 banana

1 c. spinach (please just trust me, you can’t taste it)

1 fist-sized piece of fruit (it used to be about a fist-sized pile of strawberries when they were in season … now it’s time for peaches. They are divine)

1 heaping T. vanilla brown rice protein powder

~1/2 c. Orange juice or soymilk (or some other liquid … basically to help the consistency. Without liquid it will be SUPER thick)

And blend. This is flexible — I didn’t have a banana today, so I used 1/2 c. raspberry sorbet I had hanging out in the freezer from when I had my wisdom teeth out. And it was delicious.