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It’s a Big Day … September 4, 2010

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As I type this, it’s nearly 10 am PST, and I am already reppin my alma mater (Washington State University. We are the worst in the NCAA. I know. I KNOW.) I took a series of self-pictures using my iPhone to show you, but needless to say they were terrible. I drank last night, woke up late this morning, haven’t eaten … and just generally look a mess.

So, I took a picture of my festive morning beverage: green monster in a beer “stein” from Germany at Epcot. I dine in style, what can I say? And then my email said “no way Jose” and blocked both emails. So no photo for you.

Anyway, last night I bailed on my family’s game and pizza night to hang out with some old (and new!) friends for a BBQ in Kirkland. Their apartment is insane, let me tell you. Straight up over the water, a couple of blocks from downtown. I took pictures and sent them to BF. Unfortunately I cannot post these either, but suffice it to say it was incredible.

Anyway, you know those “I’m belly-laughing so hard that I’m crying and I don’t care” laughs? I have had approximately four of those in the last six months … well, four in the last four weeks, actually. They’ve all been since I moved back here. I love all my friends in Florida (they are the only reason I stayed as long as I did), but there’s something about hanging out with people who have known you forever (and love you anyway) that makes it easier to achieve those awesome soul-lifting laughs. Especially when they remind you of that time you passed out when Jason Mraz was opening for Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge and they all put cigarettes up your nose and took pictures … (thanks, guys)

So, it’s College Football Saturday, I got to sleep in a bit, I started my day right with coffee, a green monster and a blog post, and upon waking I was greeted with a picture of a red panda from BF (he knows me too well). Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! Please be safe, and have fun!

Currently loving: Pretty much everything, darnit 🙂 But specifically, today’s weather in Seattle (who knew I’d ever welcome overcast and cool), Coheed & Cambria, my brother running his first 5K this morning!!