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The Holdout May 28, 2010

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I know that I am not the last person on Earth without a smartphone … but I often feel that way. In fact, I was taking a customer service survey for Mint.com the other day, and I came to the realization that the answers to the obligatory question “What kind of smartphone do you have?” have changed dramatically, even in the last six months. There used to be a couple options, and then the “I do not own a smartphone” option that I had no shame checking.

In the Mint survey, there were more than SIX other options. Clearly, there is enough of a demand for smartphones that not three, not four, but SIX smartphone options hold enough of the market share to be listed on a survey.

I am starting to feel lame when I go places now with a group, and we get lost/need a restaurant or bar or gas station/can’t remember the name of a song that is playing/need an answer to a random trivia question, and someone goes, “Wait let me look on my iPhone!” (longest sentence ever, sorry)

My mind snarkily responds, “Oh, I’ll do it … NOT.” I look morosely at my poor little beat-up slider phone and get that “sad panda” feeling. Thanks, brain. Way to rub it in.

I am not an early adopter by any stretch of the imagination. I usually like to wait at least until 2nd gen items come out (with Apple, I often like to wait for 3rd gen) before making the purchase. The price has often gone down by then, and more bugs are fixed. But, I feel kind of ridiculous at this point.

I held out at first for some legitimate reasons, mostly being price and the whole 1st-gen thing. Since then, it’s been the price. I’m not a heavy cell phone user (I currently have the smallest plan for voice and texts that AT&T will allow me … and it still costs me nearly $60/mo). I don’t particularly want to carry around my work email with me all day. It will compel me to work when I’m not at the office, and I hate that.

But I’ve been wanting an iPhone more than usual lately. I even played with a coworker’s for 20 minutes (and did the worst possible thing and went into the app store swoon) to see if it was fun enough to justify the cost. See, it would be between $100-200 for the phone itself initially, and then an extra $30 a month for the added data plan (bringing my bill to $90/mo).

I may sound lame, but that’s just a lot for my current budget. It doesn’t even come down to value … I realize that there is so much I would use the iPhone for. Maps, restaurant locators, Mint, fitness/calorie tracking, Pandora, email, games …

I guess I just get stuck on the asking price. Call me old fashioned, but I’m used to free upgrades, dammit!

Is it worth it? Should I just bite the iPhone bullet and ride off into the sunset, my wallet a little lighter (and my face glued to my new toy)?

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