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Another serving rant July 29, 2010

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I saw this article from Reader’s Digest on Consumerist.com“20 secrets your waiter won’t tell you.”

Some of it is the usual garbage — you know, the writer/publication solicited a whole bunch of people in food service and picked out the craziest ones. As is the case with many of these lists, some of these items are definitely the exception, and not the rule. For example, I’ve worked in a lot of establishments and I’ve never seen anyone mess with a credit card payment. If someone is being a douche, generally you want to get them out of your section as soon as possible.

That being said, there are a few that ring especially true:

  • The one about hot tea. Dear GOD I hate serving hot tea. I understand it’s my job to get the guest what they want, but not only is it a pain in the ass to serve (teapot, cup, saucer, lemon, honey, spoon AND the teabox selection), but people ALWAYS want refills on hot water. Technically you aren’t supposed to take anything from the table back into a serving area/the kitchen, so for every new round of hot tea, it’s an entire tray’s worth of stuff. And it makes the table cluttered *ARRGHH*
  • Lemons. It’s true, we don’t wash them and every single server dips their hands in the lemon bucket dozens of times each shift.
  • Being recognized as a regular Monday-Wednesday is definitely true. The restaurant is generally less busy, but those are often prized shifts because regulars come in, and people who go out during the week are either on dates (where they tend to tip well, which is also in the article), business meetings (where they ALWAYS tip well), or dine out regularly and are familiar with etiquette. Fridays and Saturdays are freaking nightmares.
  • Avoid holidays. The article is spot-on about avoiding Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, especially. Our kitchen fell apart one Father’s Day at once place I was working at. The chef literally just walked out in the middle of the hellish 6-hour dinner rush.

Reading this made me laugh, and then I stopped laughing so hard when I realized that I’m planning on re-entering this industry in a month. :-\

Currently loving: Wearing jeans all week at work :), my new haircut (not too short when curly!), that it’s peach season! Perfect addition to a green monster

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