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Learning the Hard Way March 30, 2010

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I told you March was crazy.

On Saturday, BF and I were slated to attend a Yankees spring training game over in Tampa. Both of us REALLY look forward to these games. The facilities are smaller and more intimate, the weather is usually gorgeous (not yet into rainy season, but out of the winter “chill”) … and really, there’s not much that’s better than sunshine, beer, hot dogs and baseball. Really.

BF bought the tix a few months ago, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the event, as March was batshit crazy for both of us and we needed some time to unwind. We also had plans to meet up with BF’s dad and stepmom at a swanky martini bar in Orlando on our way home.

This would have been an epic day, had the tickets we bought actually been for Saturday’s game. And, had Saturday’s game actually been in Tampa.

That’s right, the tickets we bought were for a game two weeks earlier, on March 13. Saturday, the Yankees weren’t even IN Tampa. We have no idea where we got March 27 from, but we missed the game we bought tickets to. What a freaking waste of $70.

To say the least, BF was pissed (at himself, this is normally a Lex_D move for sure) and sorely disappointed. I was just glad we’d looked at the tickets before we left for Tampa.

We made the most of the beautiful (and may I say, baseball-perfect) weather by hitting up Johnny’s Fillin Station for “Orlando’s best burger” (THERE WERE CANNED MUSHROOMS ON MY BURGER, GET SOME STANDARDS ORLANDO) and then taking a stroll around Lake Eola downtown.

Then we played Borderlands, smoked sheesha and went to bed at a respectable hour.

Lesson learned. Check your event tickets.

To make up for the loss, we are heading down to Disney’s Wide World of Sports today to watch the Yankees take on the Braves. It’s looking like a beautiful Central Florida day, and since the games yesterday and Sunday were rained out, we might even see some starters play.

And yes, we’re positive the tickets for this event are the right ones.

image from ian_ransley